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LCHS Tennis Match 02/07

By: Madeline Conger

On February 7, 2017, the Lee County Tennis Team played their first tennis match of the season against Tifton. The match took place at Tift County High School. Matches were won by Kaitlyn Haas, Riley Caldwell, Justin Seo, and Nick Barlow. Kaitlyn Haas won her match against Tifton’s strongest female tennis player. The scores were 6-1 and 6-0. The win added to her amazing winning streak which impressively is now at 37 wins in a row. Riley Caldwell won her match 6-2 in the first set and and 6-4 in the second. Justin Seo played hard against Tift and brought the win with a score of 6-2 and 6-2 in both sets. The final win came from Nick Barlow. In the first set, Nick won 6-4, but in his second set he trailed behind 5-7. Nick’s victory in the tiebreaker match brought Lee’s winning matches to 4. Great Job Lee!



Photo Credits: http://www.charlottecitytennis.com/


Tennis Match (24th March)

Written By: Taylor Bates

The tennis team had their final Game for the Season this past Thursday. They sadly had an unfortunate loss. Their number 1 single’s girl, Kaitlyn Haas had an undefeated season. This was the tennis teams last region game as well. They will travel for Regions soon with their top 7 boys and girls. Good luck!


7 Things You Need to Know about Tennis

Written by: Grace Faucheux

There are always certain things people want to know about tennis; like how to keep score, when to call it out, and etc. I am here to share 7 things you need to know about tennis.

  1. The score is 15, 30, and then 40. To win a game, one team (or person) has to get up to 40 points.
  2. What does deuce mean? Deuce means it is tied. To win at deuce, one team (or person) has to get ad-in and get one more point after that.
  3. In doubles, you have the whole court (including the alleys), in singles, you do not have the alleys.
  4. If the ball hits the tennis net while serving it is called a “Let ball”, which means that the person gets another first serve. If they have a “Let ball” on their second serve, then they just get another second serve.
  5. To decide who serves first or who receives first is like heads or tails but with a tennis racket. For example: With a Wilson racket a person may say “M” or “W” and then they will spin it on the ground and whatever letter it lands on then that person who called it gets to decide.
  6. There are many different ways of calling a ball out. For example you can say “no”, “long”, “wide”, and even “nay”.
  7. How to tell when a ball is out: When it does not hit the lines or any area inside the line. How to tell a ball is out on a serve: When it does not go in the right serving box, goes too far past the serving box, or does not make it over the net. (If the ball hit the line on a serve it is still considered in).

These are just some random things that come to use when playing. It is definitely not all someone needs to know about tennis. These are just things to know that come in handy, according to me.

Photo Credits: https://lchs9thmuse.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/giphy-16.gif


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/lauren-razavi/10-things-you-always-want_b_3617166.html


Lee County Tennis

Written By Raine Phillips

This past Thursday at Darton college, the Lee County tennis team lost matches against Marion County. For the Lady Trojans, the top one doubles were scored by Danielle Melvin. The top two doubles were scored by Grace Faucheux and Julie Klias.

submitted photo Pose! Tennis duo Grace Faucheux and Julie Klias prepare for their matches. They soon went on to score the top two doubles for the Lady Trojans.