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Written By Willa Dyer.

Ever since Lee County’s intense and exciting win against Coffee County last Friday, everyone has been hyped up about the upcoming game. The Trojans had a tough loss the Friday before but the guys had an outstanding comeback with a win of 23-7. The team has spent many hours preparing for this moment in the season and they played outstandingly throughout the whole game and not once gave in. The Trojan Spirit and determination was without doubt pumping through the whole team’s veins.

Photo Taken By Willa Dyer

This Friday October 18th, @ 7:30 the Trojans are going up against Richmond Hill High School. The fans are ready to watch and the players are even more ready to get out on the field and play. Our very talented Outside Linebacker, Baron Hopson says, “We are really excited for this game man. It’s a big stage and it’s time to do big things.” The guys are ready to go out and play like they know how to play. Magwood and Hopson says that, “We have no doubts. We have faith in our team. Our team always provides us with a great scout book and we are definitely ready for this Friday.”

Photo taken By Willa Dyer

Hopson says, “Richmond Hill is a great team but I don’t think they match us physically. We definitely have the potential to go out there and win.” Magwood knows, “As long as our defense plays like they know how to play we should be good in the long run.” The Trojans are 100% ready for game day Friday and we all can’t wait to go out and support our boys at the big game!


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Photo Taken by Willa Dyer.

September 29- Lee Vs Warner Robins High

Lee VS Warner Robins High

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

Today Lee County took on Warner Robins High.

When the game began the crowded roared. The first quarter went very slow as Warner got a jump on Lee County. Warner had a turnover play against Lee as they got a touchdown. Lee successfully stopped Warner from getting extra points. With the score 0-6 Warner Robins went into the second quarter leading. Continue reading September 29- Lee Vs Warner Robins High

Boys Win Big Against Crisp, Lose to Rival Deerfield

Written by: Holt Bigelow

Boys Soccer put another one in the win column on Friday with an emphatic 4-1 victory against Crisp County. It was a blowout from the beginning and the boys were playing with ease. Crisp’s lone goal came on a quality shot put in a place where no one could quite get it. It was no problem though, because Lee finished strong and and came away with a confident win.

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Another Win for the 9th Grade Baseball Team

Written by: Abby Giles

The Lee County 9th grade baseball team played Crisp County for another win on March 23. The final score was an outstanding 10-1. The team played very well, but there were a few players who stood out in particular.

Baseball-Spencer Hanson
Photo by: L. Ethridge Spencer Hanson, freshman baseball player, had a triple and scored on the game against Crisp. When asked about the baseball game, he said, “We had a week off. Started slow the 3rd inning. We started to pick up the pace and beat Crisp 10-1.”

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