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Written by Samantha Burrows.

Recently, cadets from ROTC have been practicing for their upcoming AMI. AMI stands for Area Manager’s Inspection, and it’s by far the most important event for ROTC in the year. It takes place at the high school on November 14th, next Tuesday. Our Area 12 Manager, Rustie Hibbard will be there, individually inspecting each cadet on their knowledge and how their uniform looks. Rustie Hibbard comes around schools in Georgia and looks at the ROTC program, talking to each cadet and the principal, seeing how much is put into the program. The importance of this event is immense, so there has been lots of time put into the preparation of the AMI. Just recently, there have been practices so that we are assured things go well. These have taken place during the school day, which stresses how important the AMI is.

     A question that may come to mind is what exactly happens during this event. On November 14th, all cadets will be in uniform at the high school in the morning. They will be separated into their each individual platoons and lined up. Everyone will march out on the football field at the high school and stand at attention with their platoons until it is their turn to be inspected. The Area Manager will grade them on their uniform and test their knowledge. This can be by asking a question, such as one of their Orders to the Sentry. The Area Manager will study each platoon, and afterwards, one platoon will be honored for looking the best. This will be based off of which cadets had the best knowledge and overall look.  Afterwards, there will be a parade open for all people.

     This has been made obvious, but this is a very important event. How everyone acts, looks, and more will all affect how our school looks as a whole, so it is very important that people take this seriously.

When Units Compete

Written by: Abby Wilson

This past Saturday, February 6th, the Lee County NJROTC Trojan Battalion traveled to Allen D. Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida to compete against 10 other units. There were five different teams from each unit that competed, the teams were, Academics, Armed Drill, Athletics (SEALS), Color Guard, and Unarmed Drill. Both drill teams had an Basic and Exhibition team. Continue reading When Units Compete

Luella Drill Competition

Written by Abby Wilson

Submitted Photo. Our NJROTC cadets, also known as the Trojan Battalion, were lined up, practicing for our personnel inspection!
Submitted Photo.
Our NJROTC cadets, also known as the Trojan Battalion, were lined up, practicing for our personnel inspection!

This past Saturday, October 24th, our very own NJROTC unit’s Color Guard, Unarmed Drill team, Armed Drill team, Academic team, and our SEALS, also known as our athletics team, had their very first competition. We traveled up to Luella High School to compete against 15 other NJROTC units. There were supposed to be 16, however, one did not show up. Continue reading Luella Drill Competition

Mountain Madness

Written by Abby Wilson

submitted photo   Vanessa Favela-Parra poses with her medal for
submitted photo Vanessa Favela-Parra poses with her medal for 4th place in the Orienteering competition.

Lee County NJROTC’s Orienteering team had their first competition on Saturday, September 19th. Two students, by the names of Vanessa Favela-Parra, a Freshman and Seamen Apprentice, and Blake Moore, a Sophomore and Seamen, were the top-runners of the competition. Both of the students competed on the white, or beginner and easiest of the four courses; the courses, in order of difficulty, include White, Yellow, Orange, and Green. Moore finished 3rd place and Favela-Parra finished 4th.

Field of Flags

Written by Abby Wilson

photo by A. Wilson

“The names on these crosses aren’t just names. They have meaning. They could have been someone’s son, brother, or father.” says Marvin Mixon. He also said, “This is the 13th year we’ve been doing this”.

On Saturday, September 5th, all around the Albany Mall, Westover JROTC, Lee County NJROTC, and other volunteers helped set up the flags and crosses for the Field of Flags. We, as cadets, volunteer to set up flags, crosses, help pass around flags,and even helping with drilling holes where everything goes. We don’t show up as a whole unit, we sign up if we can show up and then we worked from 8 am until 12 pm. Continue reading Field of Flags