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The Unsung Hero

Written by Willa Dyer

Most of you know the well-known name, “Coach Dean Fabrizio” in our small town of Lee County. He is the head coach of our Lee Co Varsity Football Team and has worked extremely hard to train these exceptionally talented guys this season, but who most of you don’t know is the Unsung Hero who does all the background work. Mary Katherine Fabrizio has been married to Coach Fabrizio for 13 years. She has been there from the start supporting him and raising their two children Eliza and Nicholas Fabrizio.

Mrs. Fabrizio says her most important job as a football coach’s wife is, “holding down the fort” for her husband while he’s at work. The Fabrizio’s don’t get to share a lot of family time but they do get “a free week off on 4th of July and it works pretty well because it coincides with [her] birthday.” One of the hardest things about being married to a coach is, “the time he has to spend away from his family.” Although it’s hard without Coach Fabrizio being there all the time, she does love being able to go to all the games to support her husband and his team.

Mary Katherine Fabrizio has a lot of important tasks she must do daily for her family. She has had to sacrifice a lot of things that she once loved to do for her husband and children. She also doesn’t get to spend as much time with her husband as she necessarily wants to. At the end of the day she gives up a lot to be the wife of a very talented football coach, but when it comes down to it, she wouldn’t trade what she’s been blessed with for the world.


Written By Willa Dyer.

Ever since Lee County’s intense and exciting win against Coffee County last Friday, everyone has been hyped up about the upcoming game. The Trojans had a tough loss the Friday before but the guys had an outstanding comeback with a win of 23-7. The team has spent many hours preparing for this moment in the season and they played outstandingly throughout the whole game and not once gave in. The Trojan Spirit and determination was without doubt pumping through the whole team’s veins.

Photo Taken By Willa Dyer

This Friday October 18th, @ 7:30 the Trojans are going up against Richmond Hill High School. The fans are ready to watch and the players are even more ready to get out on the field and play. Our very talented Outside Linebacker, Baron Hopson says, “We are really excited for this game man. It’s a big stage and it’s time to do big things.” The guys are ready to go out and play like they know how to play. Magwood and Hopson says that, “We have no doubts. We have faith in our team. Our team always provides us with a great scout book and we are definitely ready for this Friday.”

Photo taken By Willa Dyer

Hopson says, “Richmond Hill is a great team but I don’t think they match us physically. We definitely have the potential to go out there and win.” Magwood knows, “As long as our defense plays like they know how to play we should be good in the long run.” The Trojans are 100% ready for game day Friday and we all can’t wait to go out and support our boys at the big game!


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Photo Taken by Willa Dyer.

Freshmen Playing Varsity Football

Written by Cooper Ray and Peyton Hart

Three 9th grade football players are lucky and skilled enough to practice and play with the varsity football team: Baron Hopson, Chauncey Magwood, and Preston Simmons. Since Hopson was already put in the spotlight a couple weeks ago (you can read that article here), it’s time to give Magwood and Simmons their moment of fame.  Continue reading Freshmen Playing Varsity Football

October 6- Lee Vs Northside

Lee Vs Northside

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

Today, Lee County Trojans took on the North Side Eagles. As Lee County was ready to take the field, players #53, #7, #30, and #13 walked up to begin the coin toss. Starting the first quarter North Side kicks off. #8 on Northside hands the ball off to #3 but only gains three yards on Lee County. Slowly as Northside advances to the 40 yard line #20 (Christian Taylor) makes an interception making this a turnover for Lee County. #27 (Christian Frazier) runs the ball to advance Lee County to the 40 yard line but unfortunately is moved back 25 yards with a red flag for a face mask. With 5:45 seconds left on the clock #27 scores a touchdown leading 0-6. Lee County gets the extra point made by Philip Madrid, with a score of 0-7. Lee now on defense let’s Northside advance to the 51 yard line. #12 (Alex Lee) saves Lee from Northside getting a possible touchdown when he intercepts one the throw intended for one of Northside’s players. Now Lee on offensive, #2 makes a run to advance Lee to put them in their first down. With 1:41 seconds left on the clock #27 will run out of bounds to put Lee at the 47 yard line. Lee fumbles the ball during a play and Northside gets the ball. Luckily, Lee County holds Northside with a score of 0-7. Continue reading October 6- Lee Vs Northside

September 29- Lee Vs Warner Robins High

Lee VS Warner Robins High

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

Today Lee County took on Warner Robins High.

When the game began the crowded roared. The first quarter went very slow as Warner got a jump on Lee County. Warner had a turnover play against Lee as they got a touchdown. Lee successfully stopped Warner from getting extra points. With the score 0-6 Warner Robins went into the second quarter leading. Continue reading September 29- Lee Vs Warner Robins High