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Song Of The Sea

Written by Jordan Graham

From the deck on top of the boat the view is something you would only see once in a lifetime.

On April 5th through 9th the Lee County Band members went on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. The cost to go was around $700-$800 per student. Of the many students we have in the high school band only eight people went including chaperones. Of the thirty eight, there were about ten Freshmen. Two of the Freshmen Hailey Wells and Abigail Jenkins share their experience on the cruise, in Mexico, and their experience as a whole. Continue reading Song Of The Sea

District Honor Band Through the Eyes of two Flutiful Ladies.

Written by Jordan Graham

On February 9th through 10th Lee County High school and Middle School students went to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College(ABAC) for the District Honor Band Clinic.

Two students that represented Ninth Grade are flutist, Ariana Ukaonu and Ashley James. The following is how District Honor Band was for the both of them.

When asked what her first impression of District was, Ashley said that she “thought it was great, because [her] friends who went there before said great things.” Ariana on the other hand said that she was “excited to perform with other great musicians.”

In order to qualify for District certain instruments must make a certain score. Ashley made a 79, while Ariana made an 88 and qualified to try out for Allstate.

District is for talented musicians across the state. That means that a lot of people of different varieties will be meeting in one place. The musicians were “cool and very talented, [although] some people were there to play around and not actually be serious” and “very outgoing and funny.”

The experience for the both of them was ‘great. The people there were good. It was kind of tiring to have nine hours of rehearsal, but I enjoyed most of it.” Ariana says that “overall [she] had a good time, but last year was better.”

A message from Ashley and Ariana for anyone wishing to go to District Honor Band.
Ashley says that “most people know how to play the Etude, but you should mostly focus on scales. Make sure to pay attention on the sit-reading.”
Ariana gives a simple answer by saying to just “know your scales and prepare well for the auditions like your director tells you to.”

What do an Oboe, Clarinet, and a trumpet have in common? Janfest!

Written by Jordan Graham

On January 18th through January 21st the, 68th annual Janfest in Athens, Georgia was hosted at the University of Georgia.

According to the University of Georgia Franklin college of Arts and Science, “The University of Georgia January High School Band Festival (“JanFest”) is a four-day event for high school band musicians. Students are nominated for participation by their director by way of this website early in the academic year after receiving the MidFest announcement. UGA Bands staff selects students to participate based on the order of the director’s submission, the instrumentation need of the festival bands, and the reported musical achievements of each student.”

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Written by: Taylor Bates

The LCHS Symphonic Band earned a Straight Superior rating yesterday at GMEA District 2 Large Group Performance Evaluation. It’s the first time the Symphonic Band had earned Superior since 2011, and only the third Superior rating in ten years.

Submitted Photo. Pictured is our 2015-2016 superior symphonic band. Their band director is Mr. Hank carter.

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Sound of Silver Invitational

Written by:Hannah McLeod and Taylor Bates

The Superior rated Lee County High School Marching Trojan Band attended the Sound of Silver Invitational on Saturday, October 17,  in Pierce County, GA. The band received straight superiors. That means they got a score of 85 or higher. Auxiliary (Color Guard, Danceline) placed 1st overall. The band placed 3rd in class AA, Drumline placed 2nd in class AA, and the band placed 6th overall out of 24 bands. Continue reading Sound of Silver Invitational