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Michael Smith takes home the gold!

Written by Donna DeReus

Last week Michael Smith participated in an agricultural pig show in Denver.

Award picture: Michael Smith takes home second place for a great performance in Denver!
Picture of Michael and pig: Michael and his spotted pig compete to win big!

When he competed he showed a pig referred to as a “Spot” which is a black and white mix breed. Smith says that while he was in the competition, it was tough, but in the end he tried his best. He said that the judges seemed to like his pig as soon as he walked out of the pen!

Smith makes sure to change up his routine for different judges so he can work on his technique. In this case he pulled off a routine that landed him in second place!

Smith says that his father and uncle give him lots of encouragement and always tell him to do his best. “They are like my coaches” Smith states when talking about them.

In the end Smith pulled off a wonderful presentation and he definitely represented Lee County with much pride with bringing home second!


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