September Students of the Month

Written by Malica Casey

September, unlike August, is when catastrophe and adjusting disappears and focus ensues. The Students of the Month (SOTM) for September show good qualities as the school year finally takes a turn into normality and schedule. Among the student body, these students were chosen to be recognized for their dedication and good behavior.

The September SOTM are Danny Lin, Griffin Carder, Zachary Schultz, Mikayla Davis, Hannah Harbuck, Kevin Kendrick, Gracie Davis, Jaquelyn Peek, Kyle Lindsey, James Patrick, De’Jah Abner, and Donovan Satchell. Continue reading September Students of the Month

Homecoming Game Highlights

by: Maggie Nguyen

The Trojans slayed the football game last Friday for the Homecoming Game. The final score was 56-0. GO MIGHTY TROJANS! During the halftime show, the Homecoming Court was honored. The Homecoming Queen was Kris Cheshire and the Homecoming Princess was Journey Cagle. The Homecoming King was Garrett Morrell. The band played “Home” and “I’ll Be There” throughout half-time. Color Guard and Dance Line accompanied them with a well-choreographed routine. It was a night to remember and a phenomenal victory for the Trojans. The Trojans painted the town red with the blood of the Eagles.

taken by M. Nguyen During the Homecoming half-time show, Aubrey Garret accepts roses for her Homecoming Representative position.
taken by M. Nguyen During the Homecoming half-time show, Aubrey Garret accepts roses for her Homecoming Representative position.


Written by Mady Joiner

Stress. Let me just point out that this is one of the of the top causes of high school dropouts. I used to think that this was not reasonable. I thought high school would be a little tougher, but not to the point where it actually is now. I never have any extra time for anything fun. I don’t even have time to just flat out rest anymore. It’s crazy. Homework is probably the most stressful out of everything. The transition from middle school to high school has been insane. Work level raised tremendously. It’s pretty much like going from having little to no homework every night, to being in a college class. Of course, with the workload, comes stress. In the end, however, all the stress, anxiety, and headaches will be worth it.

Sign it Now, Wear it Later

Gown Signing 2 by Malica Casey 9282015
Photo by M. Casey. Carmen Lord vows to graduate by signing the banner.

by: Mady Joiner

Throughout this week, students have all gotten the chance to sign a graduation gown. The gown is a symbol of commitment. By signing the gown, we promised to graduate with our current class. After we signed it, the gown was taken to the upper campus and put into a glass case. When asking students why they thought it was important to commit to and follow through with graduation, I received several answers.

“So you will have a better job and a better future,” says Hannah Huckaby.

“You need a good education so that your life doesn’t just end after high school,” Justin Lee states. As you can see, the students really want a successful future for themselves. By this time next year, we will be walking by this gown everyday. This will go on for two additional years after that. Every time we see it, we will be reminded of the commitment we made and we will strive to fulfill our goals.

J.V. Volleyball Wins

by Britney Bullington

The JV volleyball team worked really hard and placed third overall out of 14 teams. They won their first game with a score of 25-17 in the first set and a score of 25-2 in the second set. The day continued on with games much like these, with the Trojans badly beating every team they came across. However, in their first game in the gold bracket, the team played a painstakingly close game going all the way up to three sets, but ultimately lost, ending the tournament. Despite their loss, the ladies were very proud of their ranking.

Got Gold?

On September 11, 2015, the students and staff members came together in support of Nick Offerman. He recently passed away after fighting a long, hard battle with cancer. The student body wore yellow and gold in honor of Nick as well as for Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Childhood Cancer Awareness month is in the month of September, which is meant to bring awareness to childhood cancer and to help and support those affected by it.

Freshmen Morgan Mathis, Kayla Matthews, Kady Riddle, Bhavya Gupta, and Aubrey Mathis wear yellow for Nick.
Freshmen Morgan Mathis, Kayla Matthews, Kady Riddle, Bhavya Gupta, and Aubrey Mathis wear yellow for Nick.

What Does Homecoming Mean To You?

Written by Mackenzie Briggs

I asked many people, “What does Homecoming mean to you? What are you looking forward to this week?”

I got many responses but here are a few that I thought were interesting.

”Homecoming means getting your chance to dress fancy… A chance to dance the way you want,” said Jade Phillips.

“Homecoming week means to break away from the norm,” Lexi Blitch replied.

“I am looking forward to twin day and the Homecoming game,” Bailey Biedrzycki said.

Photo by L. Hyslop . Pictured is Lexi Blitch and Karli Johnson dressed as the
Photo by L. Hyslop . Pictured is Lexi Blitch and Karli Johnson dressed as the “Pink Ladies” for twin day.

The Removal of My Innocence: A sarcastic individual’s first-person account of the homecoming dance.

Written by Raine Phillips

photo by M. Nguyen Taylor Smith reacts to the horror that was the Homecoming dance-floor.

Speaking from a socially-disabled Homecoming attender, I can fairly state that the previous night was one of the most horrific experiences of my life. That evening marked the end of my childhood purity; I was forced to witness such improper means of physical expression among people I can never look at or talk to the same way again.

Poor Raine, unknowing of the future events on Saturday, rushed home from a JV volleyball tournament two hours away in order to prepare for the dance. Though my dress was pure fire, it was uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, noting I was incapable of taking a deep solid breath.

My dearest concerned mother warned me to be aware of my surroundings, and my former naive self assured her that it was not a strip club I was attending, but a school dance. I could not have been more wrong.

The initial approach was normal, with loud music playing and formally dressed students socializing. Then my innocent eyes were laid upon the center of the gym, and I was met with ungodly sights. Youth were dancing and kissing in the most inappropriate matter, with grinding among grinding left to commence.

In all of my years alive I had not expected such vigilant behavior associated with the people I see in classes almost everyday. Never again will I compare Homecoming to any form of purity or joy. The miserable staff stood wearily at the sidelines, contemplating tearing their eyes from their sockets.

As I departed from the social assemblage, my good friend and I went to a local Taco Bell and then proceeded to watch Disney’s Peter Pan to restore our childhood memories. Unfortunately, being awake for a total of twenty hours did not help us finish the movie, but pass out after the first ten minutes, left to dream of quesadillas and wishing I could return to Neverland.

Girls & Guys Share Their Homecoming Experience

What the girls have to say

Written by Mackenzie Rosa

You could feel the excitement in the air Saturday, September 27th, as it was Lee County High School 2015 Homecoming dance. As freshman, the class of 2019, didn’t know what to expect but afterwards, the buzz of Homecoming was practically radiating off of 9th graders. Monday morning, all you could hear out of the student body was their experiences of Homecoming. So I decided to interview a select few of freshman girls to see what their experiences at their first homecoming was like. Continue reading Girls & Guys Share Their Homecoming Experience