Getting to Know Our Principal, Mrs. Lawrence

Written by Riley Alewine

At LCHS9 our principal, Mrs. Lawrence demonstrates leadership skills, responsibility, and excellence. She has high hopes for our school and it’s learning environment. Mrs. Lawrence hopes to have more learning opportunities for the school . Many people don’t know Mrs. Lawrence well due to the fact that she is busy in her office and other places, but behind the scenes she has a lot of responsibility.    Continue reading Getting to Know Our Principal, Mrs. Lawrence

Knox and the Rubik’s Cube

Written by Carlin Garey

From 8th grade to 9th, Knox Hall has mastered the art of solving the death cubes, formally known as Rubik’s Cubes. Even during the middle of class, teachers are very likely to see him twisting and turning a cube just for the fun of it. He loves Rubik’s cubes is because “they’re fun and everything is different.”  Continue reading Knox and the Rubik’s Cube

SOTM Spotlight: Gio Sanchez Perez

Written by Willa Dyer and Peyton Hart

16 year old, Luber Y. Sanchez Perez (Gio) is special in many different ways. He is not only “Student of the Month” for September, but is also having to overcome many challenges. Being one of the very few “foreign” kids in Lee County is hard, especially when Spanish is your first language. He moved from Guatemala this year to “experience different things and make new amigos.” Even though being in Lee County can be a little “scary” for him at times, he still manages to always have a bright, and vibrant smile on his face! Continue reading SOTM Spotlight: Gio Sanchez Perez