Border Wars: Trojans vs. Warriors

Written by: Cooper Ray


  Yesterday, the AAA Trojan Baseball team travelled to Russell County, Alabama to face the Russell County Warriors.

  The Trojans got out to an early 1-0 lead in the top of the first inning, but the Warriors quickly tied the game in the bottom of the first. The game was tied 1-1 until the top of the third, when the Trojans scored another run on a sac fly by Jeffrey Bryan.

  The Trojans held the Warriors in the bottom of the third and Cooper Ray knocked in another run in the top of the fourth to make it 3-1 Trojans. The Trojans would later go on to score 3 more runs, and the Warriors only scored 3, which gave the Trojans the 6-3 victory.

  Catch AAA back in action this Saturday at Chiles High School in Crawfordville, Florida.

SOTM Spotlight: Camden Misamore

Written By: Maria Cerrone

Yet another student of the month was chosen for March. Camden Misamore was chosen by Mrs. King. Mrs. King stated that Misamore “strives for excellence in both the classroom and on the tennis courts.  She is willing to help anyone in need.”

Misamore is involved in softball, tennis, and FFA for the school.

She stated during the interview that she has had a great year so far at Lee County 9th grade campus. Misamore also added that “it has gotten tough at times academically but other than that it has been very good” (Misamore).

We asked Misamore how it felt to be chosen as SOTM and she said great. She said she was not expecting this at all.

Misamore gave advice for her peers on how they can show school pride throughout there school day. She said for them to “do what they are supposed to do and they will be ok” (Misamore).

If you see Camden Misamore in the halls congratulate her showing such good Trojan pride.

Photo By: Maria Cerrone

Happy Days Are Here Again !

Written By: Zion McGee

  It’s a wonderful day at Lee County 9th Grade Campus! Why? Because we’re celebrating Amiya Welch for being student of the month.

  News such as this, are surprises to most people, but for Amiya, she knew she was nominated for student of the month because of her “dedication to her schoolwork , and studying for her tests”.

  The biology teacher, Mr. Edwards, agrees and says,”Amiya is a student who constantly strives to do her best in Biology. She is a joy to teach and seems to always have a positive attitude even in the midst of other negative things that may be going on around her. Despite any challenges that she faces, Miya will always seek to complete all her assignments for all her classes”.

  With all her schoolwork studying, Amiya manages to enjoy herself with her favorite hobbies such as dancing, be active on social media, hanging out with friends, and “be a teenager”, and still she maintains good grades, and behavior.

  Amiya is not only a honors and well behaved student, but she is also a role model  and encourages all of her peers to “study hard, be attentive in class, and strive for the best “!

Photo By: Zion McGee

Freshman Tennis Star

Written By: Willa Dyer

  POW! That’s the sound of Jordan Davis hitting all the tennis balls being thrown at him at tryouts. He did an outstanding job at tennis tryouts and secured his place on Lee County’s Varsity Tennis Team. He said he felt, “very honored to be a part of the varsity tennis team and to receive the opportunity to play with the talented Varsity team.”

  He is not only an exceptionally talented tennis player but a very bright student as well. He continuously strives to do his best in school and he always has a positive attitude with everything he does. He loves his new coach and team. He has had a very successful first few tennis matches. He has played extremely well and has continued to grown as a player and a student athlete.

  Jordan has a very bright future ahead of him and has a lot of great things coming his way in the future. Jordan loves to play tennis and he is really passionate about making progress in his future in varsity tennis and school.


Photo By: Willa Dyer

Why Was Mr. Trivette Chosen as Teacher of The Month?

Written By: Riley Alewine

  Recently Mr. Trivette was chosen as teacher of the month for February.

  Mr. Trivette believes that he was chosen as teacher of the month because of the positive relationships that he has with his students.

  His favorite thing about being a teacher is that he is able to create “informed competent citizens and [build] relationships.”

  He says that one of his major weaknesses is that he doesn’t give every student enough attention.

  His strengths include “holding kids accountable, being compassionate, and being motivated to come to school everyday and make a positive difference.”

  Mr. Trivette wanted to become a teacher because he wanted to be able to make a positive difference in kids’ lives.

  Some of his hobbies include traveling and spending quality time with his family.

  He hopes that “learning in [his] classroom is student centered, positive, and even fun.”

  Mr. Trivette would like his students to know that him and his wife “have been to six continents and are planning on traveling to Antarctica at some point to conclude [their] goal of visiting all seven.”

  Overall Mr. Trivette is very deserving of teacher of the month.


Photo By: Riley Alewine

Get Set, Go!

Written By: Willa Dyer

  Runners take your mark, get set… GO GO GO! Coach Payne is not only an amazing teacher but an even better track coach. He has been training the Junior Varsity and Varsity track team like the proper and determined athletes they are. They have an upcoming track meet in Americus-Sumter on Thursday, March 8th after school. Coach Payne added in an extra JV meet so Lee County can come out and support all of the runners.

  The runners are very excited about the meet. Landria Rollins said, “We have been training really hard to do our absolute best at our meets.” The kids have been training everyday after school and continue to get better everyday. Khila Bradford said, “Even though it is hard work, we know it’ll pay off in the long run. We want to prove to these other schools that we are a team to watch out for.”

  The runners are hoping to run well at the meet this Thursday and hope to make a good name for Lee County at the Americus-Sumter meet.


Photo By: Willa Dyer

Jacob Heading out to All State

Written by: Carlin Garey

  Jacob Carlstrom is the only 9th grader who made it too Allstate for band for two years in a row. To get to this event/occasion is, “you gotta get a score that is high enough to qualify for the second round (which is Allstate auditions). The score you gotta make will vary based on the instrument when you audition”(Carlstrom 9). Jacob tends to go on rants about things he enjoys (which is a good thing) therefore, his love for band is something that will never end. Every year (from basic knowledge) there tends to be a wide number of trumpets that audition every year, therefore, increasing the score you have to make too get to the next round.

  Of course, Jacob did not simply wake up one day and become the trumpet player he is, it took practicing, “every morning, every night, and every time I came home from school” (Carlstrom). To put this much effort and work into his skill, he was confident that he was going to get Allstate for the second time (which of course he did).

  Besides all the effort, practice and hard work to get where he is, in the end, “it was totally worth it” (Carlstrom). Why was it worth it you may be asking, well, “some of my favorite things about Allstate are some of the we play are fun, cool, etc., chilling with my dad, talking meeting other people who love the same thing I love: band. It’s like we are all one big family” (Carlstrom). As if this was not enough for him, then just doing band in general is all he could ever ask for.

Picture Taken by: Unknown

SOTM Spotlight: Pranavi Gottapu

Written By Jordan Graham

Another month and another batch of Students of the Month. Pranavi Gottapu is one of the eight students chosen to be student of the month for February

Pranavis teacher, Mrs. McNease said that Pranavi is a “pleasure to have in class.  She is a dependable student who completes assignments consistently and is an active participant in class. She shows pride in her work and projects and is available to to help those around her when needed.

Gottapu states that her dream is to “become a Doctor and help people around the world. [She wants] to start charities and build clinics in rural areas so people there will have medical aid when needed. [Her] main goal is to make the world a better place.”

When asked how she felt about being named Student of the Month, Pranavi gave the following response: “It feels great, I really never expected it because there were so many other students who work just as hard. I am glad I got [Student of the Month] though, looking back, I actually deserved it. I guess hard work really does pay off.

Pranavi plays Tennis for the school team and play Badminton. She plays Soccer for fun. She also likes to be outside and with people, so if it involves that, she loves doing it.

Pranavi says that students should “be proud and do a good job [in school]. Even though you might not know it, you are setting an example for many students around the school.”

February has come to an end. Now we await March’s embrace

Picture taken by Jordan Graham

Lee County Baseball AA

Written By: Cooper Ray



Last Tuesday, AA competed with the Cairo Syrupmakers in what was an eye opening game for the AA club.

AA got behind early, giving up 6 runs to the syrupmakers. They then tried to get the bats going, and Jeffrey Bryan, Chandler Cannon, and Cooper Ray all contributed with 2 hits a piece. But, that turned out to be not enough as the Syrupmakers then took a 11-5 lead.

Cairo later scored two more runs to defeat the Trojans 13-5.

Catch AA back in action this Saturday against the Lowndes County Vikings at 11:00.