Freshmen Playing Varsity Football

Written by Cooper Ray and Peyton Hart

Three 9th grade football players are lucky and skilled enough to practice and play with the varsity football team: Baron Hopson, Chauncey Magwood, and Preston Simmons. Since Hopson was already put in the spotlight a couple weeks ago (you can read that article here), it’s time to give Magwood and Simmons their moment of fame.  Continue reading Freshmen Playing Varsity Football

SOTM Spotlight: Ally Wilbanks

Written by Sam Burrows

“Ally is a pleasure to have in class.  She is quiet and attentive.  She seems to take this class seriously.” These are the words Mrs. Smith used to describe Ally Wilbanks. Even if this tells why she is student of the month, people need to know who she is. I interviewed her and ended up getting a lot of information about who she is outside of school. Continue reading SOTM Spotlight: Ally Wilbanks