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SOTM: Christiana Williams

Written By: Haley Wells

  The one who nominated Christiana Williams to be student of the month was Ms. Chittick and she had this to say about her, “Christiana is always very helpful in class. She works hard on her classwork and does not hesitate to help out other students who are struggling. Christiana has been a joy to teach this year and I expect her to do amazing things with her future.”

  What type of activities do you do? Basketball and that is about it. What are some of your favorite electives? Band, I used to play clarinet but I play the drums now. What are some activities you do outside of school? I go to church and play the drums at church and also sing there. What is some advice that you can give to students regarding school pride. Respect the teachers and other students. What are some positive things you could do to spread pride or just help people in general? If someone were to drop their books help them to pick them up. What is one of your favorite classes. Mr Robinson, Mrs Chittick and PE.


STOM/Student of the month: Luke browning

Written By: Arwyn Kovach

  Luke Browning is a shy student. He’s a hard worker, even if he’s not a social butterfly. He was recognized as student of the month by Mrs. Melcher.  She has help him thought the year and has seen how hard he works and his school work and himself. Mrs melcher states the reason she why she nominated him.

  Could like to recognize your efforts for bettering yourself academically and personally: “Luke has grown so much since the beginning of the school year. He is a very hard worker who is very motivated to be successful. He is willing to work hard and go the extra distance to achieve what he wants. I am very proud of the progress I have seen this year!” She’s not the only one who noticed. Luke himself knows he’s been working really hard, and not just at school, but in his hobby’s!  Luke builds things with his Dad, he workings in woodworking and builds multiple projects. And just Like a boy he loves baseball and games.

  He was in the baseball team last year for LCME but didn’t try out this year so he could focus on grades. Personally he loves fortnight, dogs, and rap. I asked him “is there anything we can do better for our schools? Anything you’d want to change?” He said “no. I like everything the way it is. There is a lot of hard working teachers and students, but not enough hard working good students. We need more.” He just wants there to people more Harding working students, maybe students can look up to him.

Photo By: Arwyn Kovach

Njrotc Advancement Week

Written by: Samantha Burrows

  Njrotc is a class about patriotism for the country, and the main focus is the Navy and Marines. Lots of students who join this class join to prepare for joining the armed forces, although it is not a requirement to join if you’re in Rotc. Like the military, cadets rank up. This week is all about ranking up, and cadets do this through a course of tests including the Pft, Academic Test, and Uniform Inspections.

  The PFT stands for Physical Fitness Test. This test starts out with push ups. There are two minutes of pushups, and to get certain ribbons there is a required amount of pushups to do. If someone just wants to rank up then they are only required to participate. The next part of this test is sit ups. There is only two minutes of both of these tests, and the cadets are supposed to do as many sit ups or push ups as they can within that time. Then there is the mile run, which is four laps around the grass field next to the parking lot. All cadets can pass this part of the test as long as they participate.

  Next there is the academic test, which, obviously, tests academics. Depending on what the cadet is planning on ranking up to, the tests can be simple or hard. The first rank is a seaman recruit, moving up to a seaman apprentice. This test is simple, asking for basic drill movements and orders to the sentry. The next movement is from a Seaman Apprentice to a Seaman. This is a test that includes some more drill movements, orders to the sentry, and chain of command. The final rank was from a Seaman to a chief petty officer 3rd class, which included ranks in the marines and the navy. Finally, there was a uniform inspection. At our school, you’ll see students wearing uniforms, and for this advancement, people were being graded on their uniforms. To conclude, to rank up, cadets must pass all of these tests.


Border Wars: Trojans vs. Warriors

Written by: Cooper Ray


  Yesterday, the AAA Trojan Baseball team travelled to Russell County, Alabama to face the Russell County Warriors.

  The Trojans got out to an early 1-0 lead in the top of the first inning, but the Warriors quickly tied the game in the bottom of the first. The game was tied 1-1 until the top of the third, when the Trojans scored another run on a sac fly by Jeffrey Bryan.

  The Trojans held the Warriors in the bottom of the third and Cooper Ray knocked in another run in the top of the fourth to make it 3-1 Trojans. The Trojans would later go on to score 3 more runs, and the Warriors only scored 3, which gave the Trojans the 6-3 victory.

  Catch AAA back in action this Saturday at Chiles High School in Crawfordville, Florida.