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What do an Oboe, Clarinet, and a trumpet have in common? Janfest!

Written by Jordan Graham

On January 18th through January 21st the, 68th annual Janfest in Athens, Georgia was hosted at the University of Georgia.

According to the University of Georgia Franklin college of Arts and Science, “The University of Georgia January High School Band Festival (“JanFest”) is a four-day event for high school band musicians. Students are nominated for participation by their director by way of this website early in the academic year after receiving the MidFest announcement. UGA Bands staff selects students to participate based on the order of the director’s submission, the instrumentation need of the festival bands, and the reported musical achievements of each student.”

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Written By Willa Dyer.

Ever since Lee County’s intense and exciting win against Coffee County last Friday, everyone has been hyped up about the upcoming game. The Trojans had a tough loss the Friday before but the guys had an outstanding comeback with a win of 23-7. The team has spent many hours preparing for this moment in the season and they played outstandingly throughout the whole game and not once gave in. The Trojan Spirit and determination was without doubt pumping through the whole team’s veins.

Photo Taken By Willa Dyer

This Friday October 18th, @ 7:30 the Trojans are going up against Richmond Hill High School. The fans are ready to watch and the players are even more ready to get out on the field and play. Our very talented Outside Linebacker, Baron Hopson says, “We are really excited for this game man. It’s a big stage and it’s time to do big things.” The guys are ready to go out and play like they know how to play. Magwood and Hopson says that, “We have no doubts. We have faith in our team. Our team always provides us with a great scout book and we are definitely ready for this Friday.”

Photo taken By Willa Dyer

Hopson says, “Richmond Hill is a great team but I don’t think they match us physically. We definitely have the potential to go out there and win.” Magwood knows, “As long as our defense plays like they know how to play we should be good in the long run.” The Trojans are 100% ready for game day Friday and we all can’t wait to go out and support our boys at the big game!


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Photo Taken by Willa Dyer.

2017 Purple Out T-shirt Design Contest!!

What is Purple Out and What it means to me:

Over the past year I have organized what we call Purple Out. Purple out is a fundraiser to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Associates which goes to patients and caregivers. During my freshman year I had the idea to start a fundraising campaign for Alzheimer’s because I too have been touched by Alzheimer’s and sadly over Christmas break my great-grandmother passed away from this evil disease. I finally decided it was time to take action. During one of our high school football games this past year, 2016, I worked with the Alzheimer’s Association to create our very first purple out football game. Students wore purple to show support and cheerleaders, football players, dance line, band, and staff also wore purple items to represent Alzheimer’s. I am also proud to say that I raised over $1,000 for Alzheimer’s, just by that football game alone. Currently I am now working on a bigger and better purple out this year. Which includes, a purple out t-shirt contest, a 50-50 raffle, purple items, and many more activities. 


The T-shirt Contest:

The Lee County purple out t-shirt design contest corresponds with the annual Purple Out Football Game. On September 1st 2017, Lee County players, students, faculty and staff, and people who will attend the Lee County Trojan’s home game are encouraged to wear to purple to bring awareness towards Alzheimer’s. Football players, cheerleaders, coaches, etc. will be wearing purple to support this cause. The point of the t-shirt contest is to get the students involved in the purple out game for next year. We want students to have a voice and design their own shirt, but also get involved in the community. After designs are submitted a panel of anonymous judges will choose which design represents the best. These shirts will be sold at the beginning of the school year of 2017-2018 when students can purchase them. The shirts are to be worn during the game and students and faculty and staff encouraged to buy because proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association. We encourage students to make designs and get their creativity flowing.

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Do you want your design featured and worn by everyone?

If you are a student at the 9th grade or upper campus then you are eligible for your very own design to be featured on all t-shirts sold. But of course there are requirements that must be met in order to submit and design your shirt. Click here for more information regarding Purple Out T-shirt Contest Rules: Purple Out

I know you must be asking what kind of reward(s) you will get?

  • The winner will receive the opportunity to walk on the field with all the other representatives of the purple out committee. (During the September 1st Home Game)
  • Your name will be displayed on the t-shirt and you will be featured in the Lee County Ledger.
  • You will also receive a gift card valued at $30
  • You will receive two (2) free t-shirts.

If you are creative and wantt to take on a task that can make a change in the world and your community, Submit your design and watch the magic unfold!!

DUI Reanactment

Written by McKenzie Fretwell

Students at the Lee County High School and Ninth Grade learned a lesson on distracted driving at the DUI reanactment held at the high school Thursday, March 16th. The students got to witness a car crash reanactment due to distracted driving. There were EMS, State Patrol, and firefighters there willing to make the experience all the more a reality.

The students were reminded of past accidents that have left their fellow peers no longer with us. The reanactment pulled at your heart strings and really taught the lesson on how dangerous distracted driving is.

Great job to the drama department that helped with the reancatment. Most of the students were very surprised when they saw the helicopter circling the school. The law enforcment wanted to give the students the most impacting lesson they could.

Trooper David Fretwell said, “The Georgia State Patrol was very pleased with the efforts of the traffic crash reanactment. Our goal with this event was to get the message to teenagers that distracted driving is very dangerous, along with impaired and reckless driving. It had come to our attention that some students could not stomach this event and left the stadium. We are hoping with this event that these young drivers will be more responsible drivers by putting down the phones, drive the speed limit and do not enduce anything into their bodies to impair their abiltiy to operate a motor vehicle, we do not want to have anyone to bury due to a preventable traffic crash.”
After this, hopefully the students will understand the impact their actions have on others. Most of them are just beginning to drive, and the more they know the better.

Get Leesburg Moving Again

By Madeline Conger  

     Students at Lee County 9th Grade Campus have concluded that the city of Leesburg is in need of sidewalks. There are no sidewalks leading students or residents of the county from one school to another or to any of the small businesses and buildings.

     The SGA has multiple examples that further extend the need for sidewalks in Lee County. The first example is the need for student safety. If students wanted to walk from one school to another, they would have to walk along the side of the roads which could be dangerous and cause potential harm to students. Also included in the petition is the reduction of over crowded buses. Many parents do not allow their students to walk from one school to another due to the lack of sidewalks causing transfer buses to be overcrowded. The third reason that prompts the need for sidewalks in Leesburg is convience of the community. There are absolutely no sidewalks present in the central area of city of Leesburg, causing community members to walk along roads or in the grass. Also, without sidewalks, bike riders are forced to ride on roads, which can lead to tragic accidents. The last reason listed in the petition for sidewalks is to promote the physical wellness in the community. Sidewalks encourage people to walk thus leading to an improvement in physical wellness throughout the community.

     LCHS 9th grade SGA would greatly appreciate it if you would sign our online petition which can be found at .


Storms in South Georgia

By Jackson Carlstrom,

A little more than a week ago, South Georgia was hit hard by a huge storm. This wasn’t the first time it was hit either. The damage from the first one was bad enough, but when you add the damage to the second one, it is really terrible.

I happened to not be in town for the storm. I was in Athens at UGA for janfest (a band event). I knew about the storm though. It was all over the news. They were playing storm footage on the TV in the hotel lobby when we ate breakfast. It looked terrible.

When I got back home from the event, we had to drive through some storm areas. This was after the storm had ended. I got to see what the storm did. Branches were everywhere, ditches were flooded, and huge patches of dirt lay where trees once grew. It was awful.

Overall, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have actually been in the storm. Luckily, the neighborhood I live in managed to remain undamaged, but it still would have been terrible. It is going to take a while, but we will heal from the storm.

Alzheimer’s Awareness

Alzheimer’s disease is very common in today’s world. More than five million people are currently living with this horrible disease. 1 in 3 seniors die with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. In 2015, more than 15 million caregivers provided an estimated 18.1 billion hours of unpaid care. Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. By mid-century, someone will develop this disease every 33 seconds. It is the sixth leading cause of death. Alzheimer’s kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. While many other diseases are also very important, Alzheimer’s is one of the most progressive and fast-growing diseases in the world. Awareness needs to be brought to this terrible disease. Continue reading Alzheimer’s Awareness

The Effects of Cyber Bullying

Written By: Jillian Branham

With the amount of growing technology in the world, cyber bullying has become a more and more used type of bullying for people. Some may know what they are doing and might not care about the consequences. However, some may not know that they are being a cyber bully. This can happen because they might not know exactly what cyber bullying is.

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