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STOM Spotlight: Jada Jones

Written by Maria Cerrone

Mrs. Lowry chose Jada Jones for Student of the Month. She felt that “Jada always puts forth her best effort in class and works very hard to excel academically.”

Jones loves to swim and read on her free time. She said that she has been having a great time at the 9th grade. She thinks that the best part about the 9th grade campus is that it is just 9th graders. She said it helps that you aren’t mixed in with the upper campus so that you get the chance to get used to high school.

During Jones’s interview she stated that she shows Trojan Pride in her everyday school day by helping people whenever they need it and getting her work done. Jones feels that her peers can do the right thing by choosing pride everyday. She expressed that students “should actually understand what it means rather than just knowing it is the school’s slogan”.

Jones said that her favorite class is Mrs. Lowry’s. When we asked her why she thought that she was chosen as Student of the Month she said that it is because she always pays attention and when she doesn’t understand something she communicates with her.

The next time you see Jones you should follow her school pride.

Picture taken by Maria Cerrone

SOTM Spotlight: Joan Barber

Written by Haley Wells.

Mrs. Dexter chose Joan Barber as her Student of the Month and stated that “It [was her] pleasure to nominate Joan Barber as student of the month. Joan is an excellent student who is hard-working and serious about her education. With confidence, she asks questions to get more understanding in class. Her work ethic and focus on doing well in school is an inspiration to her classmates. Joan is always willing to help her peers without being asked.  These attributes make Joan a wonderful example to all. Great job, Joan!”

Barber doesn’t join in on many school activities, but said she likes to go outside and play with her puppy.

When asked what advice she had for her classmates regarding Trojan Pride, she replied with “do your work and be nice to others.”

Barber said that Mrs. Dexter was her favorite teacher because Mrs.Dexter inspires her to learn this year and not to play around.

The Unsung Hero

Written by Willa Dyer

Most of you know the well-known name, “Coach Dean Fabrizio” in our small town of Lee County. He is the head coach of our Lee Co Varsity Football Team and has worked extremely hard to train these exceptionally talented guys this season, but who most of you don’t know is the Unsung Hero who does all the background work. Mary Katherine Fabrizio has been married to Coach Fabrizio for 13 years. She has been there from the start supporting him and raising their two children Eliza and Nicholas Fabrizio.

Mrs. Fabrizio says her most important job as a football coach’s wife is, “holding down the fort” for her husband while he’s at work. The Fabrizio’s don’t get to share a lot of family time but they do get “a free week off on 4th of July and it works pretty well because it coincides with [her] birthday.” One of the hardest things about being married to a coach is, “the time he has to spend away from his family.” Although it’s hard without Coach Fabrizio being there all the time, she does love being able to go to all the games to support her husband and his team.

Mary Katherine Fabrizio has a lot of important tasks she must do daily for her family. She has had to sacrifice a lot of things that she once loved to do for her husband and children. She also doesn’t get to spend as much time with her husband as she necessarily wants to. At the end of the day she gives up a lot to be the wife of a very talented football coach, but when it comes down to it, she wouldn’t trade what she’s been blessed with for the world.

SOTM Spotlight: Micheal Davis

Written by Zion Mcgee

Thumbs up to Michael Davis on becoming student of the month, at Lee County 9th Grade Campus.

Davis, along with his family and friends is honored to have this type of exposure and feels that he deserved it because of his ”hard work and focus.”

Mr. Whitman can also agree to that. He added that, “Michael is an outstanding student in the classroom.  He is always prepared and is respectful to all he encounters.  He has shown leadership and dependability throughout the time that I have known him.  It is because of these characteristics that I have nominated Michael.  He truly demonstrates the behaviors that we at Lee County High School 9th Grade Campus wish to express to others in our school and community.”

Even though Davis hunts, runs, and enjoys other hobbies, he still encourages his peers to put their academics first.

This behavior is what a true student of the month displays!

Photo Taken by Zion Mcgee

SOTM Spotlight: Harry Meritt

Written by Carlin Garey

During the month of November, there were several students who were elected of Student of the Month (SOTM) for various of reasons. From being a great student in school, too doing a helpful task on a day to day basis is why the students achieve the honor of having the opportunity of having SOTM. Harry Merritt -one of the few who earned SOTM- has and will do many great deeds for the sake of the school and everyone as a whole.

Photo Taken by Carlin Garey

As far as grades go, he has, “average C-B’s” (Merrit, 9) overall so he can maintain a even and balanced GPA and whatnot. Grades do not have an effect on whether or not a student obtains SOTM, but rather what they do to others in the community.

Merritt’s thoughts on the school in general is different considering, “that I came from a private school so coming to this school is way better.” Private schools are very different from public schools (obviously) and Merritt entering Lee’s school system is important that we have a student like him around.

Every student sets certain people and objects different from the others because they know they have a favorite. Harry finds, “construction” and “Mr. Walker.” to be his class and teacher that he classifies (no pun intended) to be his dearest. This does not mean every student has their most cherished teacher or class, but it is common for most students to have one.

Anyway, Merritts future consist of going “to FSU” (Florida State University) for his education as a “science teacher.” Harry’s education now will/can help him throughout all the years until he leaves to go to college. Obtaining knowledge now is important for everyone so they do have the option to do great things in the future.

In summary, Harry is the student that every teacher would want to have in their class. Maintaining his grades and helping others, will lead him to a great high school career and lead to others being assisted by him.



Written by Jordan Graham

Picture Taken By Jordan Graham


Another month and another batch of Students of the Month. Mirakkus Peterman is one of the eight students chosen to be student of the month for November.

Mirakkus’ teacher, Mr.Bynum said that, “Mirakkus works hard and treats others how he wants to be treated. He always has a smile on his face and his good attitude spreads to those that he comes in contact with.” The way that Mr. Bynum praises Mirakkus it’s no wonder he was chosen as student of the month. Peterman mentions that he’s “glad he got student of the month.[He] wasn’t expecting it.”

Peterman states that his favorite color is Green because, “it’s just a nice color.”

When asked he also said that Physical Education was his favorite subject. He likes playing basketball in class and has played for a long time.

He says the he misses his friends from Eighth Grade, but has made more friends at the Ninth Grade Campus.

Mirakkus says that students should show PRIDE by “respecting teachers and paying attention in class.”

November has come to an end. Now we await December’s embrace

Trojans bring victory over Westover.

Written By Peyton Hart

November 27, the 9th Grade Boys Basketball Team had a home game at LCHS. With a winning score of 40-29, Lee County beat Westover. Malik Powell, Michael Taylor, Jhavarion Bell, Damarion Jones, and Brandon Bush were all interviewed on their plays.

In the game, Damarion (Dman) Jones brought his best to the court in both the 9th grade and JV game. In the 9th grade game, he scored a total of 10 points. Behind him, was Brandon Bush with a total of 15 points.

Brandon Bush showed his basketball skills in the game and played with a high level of great sportsmanship. His total of 15 points in the 9th grade game, followed with an extra 1 point in the JV game.

Along with Jones and Bush, Michael Taylor had a total of 8 points in the 9th grade game. He was also able to play in the JV game with 4 points scored. Michael (Mj) Taylor put effort into the game and it was very noticeable.

Malik Powell with a total of 6 points scored and Jhavarion (Jay) Bell with 4 both showed improvement and skill in their game.

Being basketball players, these 5 players showed more sportsmanship and effort than the rest. Their dedication to the game is something that will get them further.

Come out to the next 9th Grade Basketball Home Game on December 4th at 5:00 p.m at the Lee County High School!

Picture Taken By Peyton Hart.


Written By Alexis Wells

Colleen Coleman was recognized as one of LCHS 9th grade campus’ students of the month. Colleen was specifically chosen by her teacher for bettering herself personally and academically. Mr.Ledford commented that she “does well in math all the time.  She also serves as a peer tutor during PRIDE time and is willing to lend a helping hand.” Continue reading SOTM SPOTLIGHT: COLLEEN COLEMAN

Veterans’ Day: A Thanks To Our Heros

Written By Jordan Graham.

“This nation will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave.”-Elmer Davis

On November 11th, a national holiday of great importance will come. Veterans’ Day is a day to always remember and to always be thankful for. Although easily confused for Memorial day, Veterans’ Day is when we celebrate our American soldiers deceased and alive. On Memorial day, however, we are meant to celebrate the soldiers who are dearly departed.

You could say that “Veterans’ Day” started on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations came into effect. On November 11, 1919, Armistice* Day was commemorated.

However, In June of 1954, President Eisenhower issued a proclamation in October acknowledging that the United States had been engaged in two wars since Armistice Day. Because of this, Armistice Day was substituted and called Veterans’ Day.

Ever Since 1938 Veterans Day has been celebrated widely throughout the United States of America as a National Holiday.

We as a nation take this time to thank our Veterans that serve and served.


*an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.

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Written By Willa Dyer.

Ever since Lee County’s intense and exciting win against Coffee County last Friday, everyone has been hyped up about the upcoming game. The Trojans had a tough loss the Friday before but the guys had an outstanding comeback with a win of 23-7. The team has spent many hours preparing for this moment in the season and they played outstandingly throughout the whole game and not once gave in. The Trojan Spirit and determination was without doubt pumping through the whole team’s veins.

Photo Taken By Willa Dyer

This Friday October 18th, @ 7:30 the Trojans are going up against Richmond Hill High School. The fans are ready to watch and the players are even more ready to get out on the field and play. Our very talented Outside Linebacker, Baron Hopson says, “We are really excited for this game man. It’s a big stage and it’s time to do big things.” The guys are ready to go out and play like they know how to play. Magwood and Hopson says that, “We have no doubts. We have faith in our team. Our team always provides us with a great scout book and we are definitely ready for this Friday.”

Photo taken By Willa Dyer

Hopson says, “Richmond Hill is a great team but I don’t think they match us physically. We definitely have the potential to go out there and win.” Magwood knows, “As long as our defense plays like they know how to play we should be good in the long run.” The Trojans are 100% ready for game day Friday and we all can’t wait to go out and support our boys at the big game!


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Photo Taken by Willa Dyer.