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Getting to Know Our Principal, Mrs. Lawrence

Written by Riley Alewine

At LCHS9 our principal, Mrs. Lawrence demonstrates leadership skills, responsibility, and excellence. She has high hopes for our school and it’s learning environment. Mrs. Lawrence hopes to have more learning opportunities for the school . Many people don’t know Mrs. Lawrence well due to the fact that she is busy in her office and other places, but behind the scenes she has a lot of responsibility.    Continue reading Getting to Know Our Principal, Mrs. Lawrence

Knox and the Rubik’s Cube

Written by Carlin Garey

From 8th grade to 9th, Knox Hall has mastered the art of solving the death cubes, formally known as Rubik’s Cubes. Even during the middle of class, teachers are very likely to see him twisting and turning a cube just for the fun of it. He loves Rubik’s cubes is because “they’re fun and everything is different.”  Continue reading Knox and the Rubik’s Cube

The 2017 Atlanta Braves Roster!

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

The 2017 Atlanta braves baseball season is just around the corner. With new players and a new manager, it seems as if we may have a winning team this season.

With 30 active players on the Atlanta Braves roster, let’s have a quick review over the players and their positions. Continue reading The 2017 Atlanta Braves Roster!

Seth Nelson – Baseball Feature


On March 9th, the 9th grade baseball team played Coffee County and defeated them with a 13-3 win. Many excellent plays and hits were made, one of which was by Seth Nelson. Seth hit a home run in 6th inning. When asked what his reaction was he said, “shocked, I couldn’t believe it”. Seth also threw a player out at second. He believes that the whole team played very well in that game. In one word to describe the game he said, “smooth”. The boys did very well and ended up with a great defeat! Come out to watch the 9th grade Trojans baseball team at their next home game on March 14th!

Written By: Rhiannon Belcher

Ever wondered what Holi is? Wait…better question is do you know what today is?

Well today is Holi, The festival of colors!!!

Holi is an Hindu celebration in India and Nepal. Holi is also referred to as the “Festival of love.” There are many different things that Holi represents. It can signify good versus evil, beginning of spring/end of winter, and for most people is known to be a day to celebrate and meet new people. It also is a day to forgive and forget broken relationships. (Well that’s depressing.) Recently, Holi has spread to many different parts of Europe and North America.

Holi is not necessarily a “one day” celebration, because it starts the night before Holi. During this time people perform religious rituals around big bonfires and pray that their internal evil be destroyed.

The next morning whenever they wake up it becomes “Rangwali Holi” which is basically a day filled with beautiful bright colors. People Smear each other with different colors and have a free for all. Not to mention the people are supplied with water guns and balloons just for a little extra pizazz! Everyone is so called ‘fair-game” because anyone and everyone can be soaked with colors.Some people carry drums and instruments to create beautiful music on this fun day. This is also a day where people visit their families and just have a great time.

The Vishnu legend-

The Vishnu legend is a legend that explains why Hindu’s celebrate Holi. Holi is celebrated as the festival of colors in honor of the Hindu god “Vishnu” and his follower Prahlada. Also, the day before Holi ,the bonfire, symbolizes the celebration of good and evil and when fire burnt Holika.

In Hindu tradition it is simply just a day to end the past mistakes you have made and forgive and forget everything that has happened.


My suggestion to you on this fine day is to drive to Dollar General, grab yourself some colored power or some food coloring. Put the food coloring in something (whatever your little heart tells you to do) and have at it with Holi. It isn’t my fault if you get in trouble for drenching your parents with colors but hey there’s a story you can tell your kids.

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International Women’s Day

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The purpose of international women’s day is to celebrate the political, cultural, economical achievement of women. Also, back in the past women didn’t have as much say so in anything as men did. The honor of women had slowly began to die so the day, “International Women’s Day” came along to make sure that we always recognize and honor women.

The person chosen to be represented for this article is….. Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama is the most inspiring, empowering, sweet, kind and gentle woman you will ever meet. Michelle Obama was the 1st black woman to live in the white house along with her husband, Barack Obama. Michelle mentored little girls so that they can love and have confidence in themselves to do big things and to follow their dreams without giving up! Michelle always said, “Being a healthy woman isn’t about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters- on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves”. Michelle has always been someone women looked up to all around the world and not just here in the United States! Michelle, we just want to honor you for being the woman that you are.

michelle obama
Michelle Obama


History of Women’s Suffrage

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On this day, millions of women protested for their right to vote and to stand up for the things they believed in for the first time. It took a long time for american women to win that right! Finally, on August 26,1920, the 19th amendment in the constitution was ratified. Which is for all women who deserve all rights and responsibilities just like the men.


 Lucy Parson was an activist, author and anarchist. She wrote articles in support of the working class in the SLP, publication called the Socialist, and spoke out on women’s issues, such as the right to vote, for the Working Women’s Union. She joined the International Working People’s Association, an anarchist organization. Lucy sadly dies in a house fire on March 7, 1942. Lucy will always be remembered as an activist, author, and anarchist. Lucy was also a reformer and a labor activist who inspired others with her words to fight for social justice! She stands to be an honoree for “History of Women’s Suffrage”.

Lucy Parsons

5 Influential African Americans

Written by Hannah Elliott

February is Black History Month. There are plenty of African Americans/ black people that have been influential to different things, including human rights, tv, and music. Here are 5 African Americans who have impacted our society today.

  1. Rosa Parks –  Rosa Parks is the woman we all learn about in elementary school. She was a Civil Rights Activist who refused to give her seat up for a white person. It resulted in a huge Civil Rights Movement and ended up getting Parks a ton of rewards, including the highest NAACP award.
  2. Mae Carol Jemison – Mae Carol Jemison was the first African American woman to go to outer space. African American women had been treated very badly over the years, so this was a big deal for them. She was an engineer, physician, and astronaut.
  3. Stevie Wonder – Stevie Wonder is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrument player. This is even more impressive because he had been blind basically since birth. He has won 22 Grammys, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been an inspiration to many.   
  4. Serena Williams – Serena Williams is a professional tennis player. She is ranked 1st in singles internationally. She has been ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association 7 different times.
  5. Barack Obama – Barack Obama was the first African American to become the President of the United States. He was elected in 2008 and served two terms from 2009-2017. He and his wife, Michelle, along with his two daughters, have inspired many over the past 8 years.

The “Hidden” Figure- Katherine Johnson

Written by: Rhiannon Belcher

In the Newly released movie “Hidden Figures” we learn of the incredible story of three African American women that were the brains of NASA (that were literally “Hidden figures” and were never fully given credit for their work until now). For this article, I am going to be focusing on one of the women in particular and that is Katherine Johnson. (Who in hidden figures was played by Taraji P. Henson) . Although, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson were very important to the achievement of NASA, I would just like to focus on one of them.

History of the Katherine Johnson-

-Katherine Johnson (AKA. The girl who loved to count) was born on August 26, 1918. (That makes her 98 right now)


-She grew up in White Sulphur Springs, WV

-She attended B.S., Mathematics and French, West Virginia State College, in 1937

Hired by NASA in June of 1953: She was handpicked out of many people to attend West Virginia’s graduate, along with 2 other black women. When Katherine was only 13 she was already attending the high school on the campus of historically black West Virginia State College, and by 18 was enrolled in the college itself. Katherine graduated with the highest honors in 1937 and took a job teaching at a black public school in Virginia. Later in her life, she decided to quit her job because she was enrolled in a math teaching program. (She did not finish because she and her husband decided to have a family)

Katherine home-schooled her three daughters and in 1952 was offered a job by NASA. She would be working at the all-black West Area Computing section at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics’ (NACA’s). Her family moved to Newport so she could pursue her job for NASA. Two weeks into Katherine’s job she was given an assignment/project. She spent around four years analyzing data from flight tests and investigating plane crashes and wake turbulence. Unfortunately in December 1956 her husband passed away due to cancer.

In 1962, Katherine was asked to do work that she would soon become known for. Her job was to calculate the trajectory of where the capsule would land once it was descending. What probably was best known in the movie and part of her life was how there were no “colored bathrooms” at her office so she would have to run from one block to another to use the bathroom. There (in the bathroom) she would do work while using the bathroom. One day her boss got fed up with her always not being at the office (not knowing what the problem was) and yelled at her. There Katherine told him that there was no colored bathrooms and the next day her boss brought a sledgehammer and tore down the colored and white sign. As NASA was finally prepared to launch they called upon John Glenn who would be the first American to ever orbit the Earth (circling it 3 times).  As a part of the preflight checklist, Glenn asked engineers to “get the girl” (Referencing Katherine) to run the same numbers through the same equations that had been programmed into the computer, (She was smarter than the computer itself) but by hand, on her desktop mechanical calculating machine.  “If she says they’re good,’” Katherine Johnson remembers the astronaut saying, “then I’m ready to go.

The flight was a success and major created competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. Katherine Johnson will no longer be “hidden” in society because of her color or gender. Katherine is known for this statement “I counted everything. I counted the steps to the road, the steps up to church, the number of dishes and silverware I washed … anything that could be counted, I did.” She is known as The girl who loved to count.

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