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Spring Snacks

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

Well, we all know that Spring is finally here! This also means spring break and sun! But I must ask, have you ever really thought about things to eat during spring? Well quit wondering, because now I am going to answer that very very hard question! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this electronic device killing your brains cells. Continue reading Spring Snacks

10 Best Things About March

Written by Kayla Earley

  1. The spring equinox meant the first day of spring has arrived. It also means on the day of the spring equinox, you could make an egg sit upright. It’s all because of science. The earth is tilted just so in a way to make the world balanced.
  2. The weather during March can often be crazy, going from eighty degrees to freezing within the span of a week, but there are some days where you can go outside and play with chalk or ride a bike.
  3. Theatre Day is on March 27.
  4. Spring colors are appearing everywhere. Those pastel pinks, blues, and yellows are coming back in style. Flower print and bright tones are the perfect type of outfits to wear even through the rainy days.
  5. No matter where you go there is a pretty good chance you will see flowers blooming nearby. Nothing says March like growing flowers.
  6. The thing March is most famous for is St. Patrick’s Day. Better wear green or you might just get pinched. You could just put a little clover behind your ear.
  7. Little animals are being born. Cows, wolves, and horses often produce offspring during this time of year.
  8. The live version of Beauty and the Beast came out on March 17. The classic love story full of life lessons makes a grab for the hearts of all ages.
  9. On just about every child’s calendar the picture for March is a kite. The nice breeze that often passes through is perfect for kite flying.
  10. A classic dessert also gets celebrated this month all because of the number pi. Pi Day is on March 14.

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Amazon’s Weirdest Products.

By Madeline Conger

Everyone knows amazon sell a variety of products on its website. You can buy appliances, furniture, clothes, games, electronics, well basically anything. Not only does amazon sell great useful generic items but it also sells some, very interesting products as well. Let’s take a look at some of Amazon’s weirdest products available for
Continue reading Amazon’s Weirdest Products.

“Give me liberty, or give me death”

Written by Georgia Miller

Patrick was a part of the Second Virginia Convention that took place March 20, 1775 (he didn’t give his whole speech or rant, whatever you want to call it, until three days later). This Convention was meeting at what is now a church, St. John’s Church, instead of the normal place, the capitol Williamsburg. Continue reading “Give me liberty, or give me death”

twenty one pilots Rundown

Written by Hannah Elliott

Ever since their triple platinum album, Blurryface, alternative band Twenty One Pilots has become the new, cool thing. 

First things first, you need to know who these guys are. The band is composed of two members, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Tyler Joseph is the front man / main vocalist of the group, as well as Josh’s best friend. He also plays the ukulele and the piano. Josh Dun is the drummer of the group, and Tyler’s best friend. Basically nothing else matters except for the fact that they are best friends. Continue reading twenty one pilots Rundown

Logan Review

Written by Jessica Stuckey

*Spoiler Alert*

On March 3, Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie was released. Logan is the final Wolverine movie, and it was surely a great way to go out.

Contrary to most modern superhero movies, Logan is the first R-rated Wolverine movie, taking its place next to Deadpool. The movie has intense, graphic action sequences that show Wolverine’s power in its full glory. The movie isn’t afraid to show the dark side of things either. It shows the toll Logan’s age and powers are taking on him. He’s graying, weak, and isolated, and it’s almost relatable. Unlike other superheroes, Logan doesn’t take a hit and get right back up. It has an impact and it slowly wears on him over time. Continue reading Logan Review

5 Things to do over Spring Break

Written by Emily Meneses

Lo and behold, one of the most anticipated times in the academic school year has finally arrived. When students hear “spring break”, they think about crowded beaches and extravagant parties. The biggest misconception about spring break is the fact that if you don’t go to a beach and attend a party, then you’ve basically wasted your time off as a ‘loser’. In reality, there are way better things to do over spring break. Continue reading 5 Things to do over Spring Break