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Get Leesburg Moving Again

By Madeline Conger  

     Students at Lee County 9th Grade Campus have concluded that the city of Leesburg is in need of sidewalks. There are no sidewalks leading students or residents of the county from one school to another or to any of the small businesses and buildings.

     The SGA has multiple examples that further extend the need for sidewalks in Lee County. The first example is the need for student safety. If students wanted to walk from one school to another, they would have to walk along the side of the roads which could be dangerous and cause potential harm to students. Also included in the petition is the reduction of over crowded buses. Many parents do not allow their students to walk from one school to another due to the lack of sidewalks causing transfer buses to be overcrowded. The third reason that prompts the need for sidewalks in Leesburg is convience of the community. There are absolutely no sidewalks present in the central area of city of Leesburg, causing community members to walk along roads or in the grass. Also, without sidewalks, bike riders are forced to ride on roads, which can lead to tragic accidents. The last reason listed in the petition for sidewalks is to promote the physical wellness in the community. Sidewalks encourage people to walk thus leading to an improvement in physical wellness throughout the community.

     LCHS 9th grade SGA would greatly appreciate it if you would sign our online petition which can be found at .


Skills USA Competition on February 3,2017.

On February 3rd,  students on the Skills USA team from the 9th grade went to a competition in Moultrie Georgia.  They won the  Quality Chapter Award for successful completion of the chapter excellence program.  Each student that participated earned a medal.  Braden Bell won a bronze medal in the Prepared Speech competition, Hunter Pinson earned  silver medal in the Job Skill Demonstration competition, and Kai Dacalio earned a bronze medal in the Job Skill Demonstration competition.  Hunter Pinson also won the chance to compete in a later competition.


Photo Credits go to Mr.Walker, the head of the Skills USA club.

Jammin’ Janfest

By Jackson Carlstrom,

Last Thursday January 19th through the 22nd, UGA held their annual Janfest event, where advanced students from different bands across Georgia go for four days.

At the event, the band students auditioned and were placed into different bands based on their audition results. From there, they practiced different music until Sunday, where they performed a concert.

While at the event, the band students got to see performances by many different high school, college, and community professional bands, including the McEachern High School Wind Symphony, the Southwest DeKalb High School Wind Symphony, the South Forsyth Wind Ensemble, and the Tara Winds Community Band. The UGA Wind ensemble, percussion ensemble, and jazz band also performed.

9 different band student from Lee County made it into the event, including freshmen Kaden Douglas, Austin Shiver, and Jackson Carlstrom. Upperclassmen students included Alexis Hendley, Joshua Jimmerson, Byron Reid, Mitchell Rosa, Teressa Sizemore, and James West.

Overall, the event was a success for the Lee County band students.


Rehearsal for Janfest at UGA



Band Christmas Concert

On December 6th, the Lee County band presented their annual Christmas concert at the High School auditorium.

The Christmas concert consisted of performances by the 9th grade and upper campus band. The two bands played the songs “Coventry Carol”, “Canticle at Christmastide” (Hark the Herald Angels Sing), and the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” concert melody, which featured music from the classic Christmas cartoon.

The Lee County High School wind ensemble and Lee County High School jazz band also performed for the concert.

Overall, the concert was a great night and full of Christmas spirit.

FBLA FALL Leaders Conference

Written by Ayanna Newberry

The Fall Leadership Conference was a success. After a long ride, they arrived to their destination at around 9-10 p.m.. Once they got there they went and checked into their hotel rooms and got settled in . They then change into their formal wear and when everyone was changed, they headed over to the building where the conference was held. When they arrived, students and the sponsors started to present on stage and distribute out awards amongst the schools in Georgia. Continue reading FBLA FALL Leaders Conference

High School Model United Nations Conference 2016

Written by Hannah Elliott

Monday, November 14th, and Tuesday, November 15th was the Model United Nation’s first conference of this school year. The Model UN team was composed of four 9th grade campus students, Rhiannon Belcher, Kayla Earley, Hannah Elliott and Vicki Roberts, along with four main campus students. The conference was held at GSU Student Center East, located in Atlanta. Every participating student represented Portugal in their chosen committee. Belcher and Roberts were in the WHO, or the World Health Organization, while Earley and Elliott were in the UNEP, or the United Nation’s Environmental Programme. All four girls did extremely well for their first high school competition. The next high school competition is in February, and new members are welcome.

National Unity Day

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

On Wednesday, October 19th, Lee County Celebrated National Unity Day. October is National Bullying Prevention Month- Schools, organizations, and communities are raising awareness of bullying prevention and teaching students how to respond effectively towards bullying situations. National Unity Day is a day that people and students stand together as one to unite against bullying.”Together against bullying, united for kindness, and acceptance and inclusion.” Continue reading National Unity Day

One Act Play Review

Written by Erin Epperson

Lights, camera, action!

You may tell actors to go “break a leg” or wish them good luck on their performance, but these actors didn’t need it. The students performed a musical written by Mel Brooks called All American and directed by Dottie Davis. Their performance was stunning and the characters made the play unique within itself.   
Continue reading One Act Play Review