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SOTM Spotlight: Ally Wilbanks

Written by Sam Burrows

“Ally is a pleasure to have in class.  She is quiet and attentive.  She seems to take this class seriously.” These are the words Mrs. Smith used to describe Ally Wilbanks. Even if this tells why she is student of the month, people need to know who she is. I interviewed her and ended up getting a lot of information about who she is outside of school. Continue reading SOTM Spotlight: Ally Wilbanks

SOTM Spotlight: Baron Hopson

Written by Willa Dyer

The 9th grade superstar, Baron Carlos Hopson is an all around total package. He was not only the “Student of the Month” for August but was also the “WALB Player of the Week” after the Trojans’ first victory against Bainbridge. The “WALB Player of the Week” award is not only a tremendous honor for anyone, but it is especially significant for Hopson because he is the first ever freshman to be recognized for this honor. He is also one of the two freshman starting for varsity, which is a pretty big privilege. Continue reading SOTM Spotlight: Baron Hopson

The 8th Grade Deliverance Speech



enhanced-19894-1463052379-4McKinzie Mctyiere, Braden Bell, and myself went to the middle school campuses late in January along with Mrs.Mills (school counselor) and delivered speeches to the future ninth grader’s of Lee County and told them what to expect as a freshman and what to prepare for. Proffering the speech was eye-opening not only for the 8th graders but us as well. We did not realize how acute and potent freshman year truly was until we said it aloud.

That being said, the speeches given were well received by the eighth graders and was veritably interactive with the wisecracks and queries asked. I enjoyed performing the speech as did Kinzie and Braden, along with Mrs.Mills. I assume the kids of eighth grade were informed with the right knowledge and any questions they might have had, were resolved by one of us from the ninth grade campus and expectantly were able to determine their classes for 2017 and quite possibly prefer a career pathway.