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I like all animals that roam the earth. I'm thankful for my parents who've been with me since birth. I value my friends like works of art, and each thing I write or draw has a special place in my heart.

Song Of The Sea

Written by Jordan Graham

From the deck on top of the boat the view is something you would only see once in a lifetime.

On April 5th through 9th the Lee County Band members went on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. The cost to go was around $700-$800 per student. Of the many students we have in the high school band only eight people went including chaperones. Of the thirty eight, there were about ten Freshmen. Two of the Freshmen Hailey Wells and Abigail Jenkins share their experience on the cruise, in Mexico, and their experience as a whole. Continue reading Song Of The Sea

SOTM Spotlight: Pranavi Gottapu

Written By Jordan Graham

Another month and another batch of Students of the Month. Pranavi Gottapu is one of the eight students chosen to be student of the month for February

Pranavis teacher, Mrs. McNease said that Pranavi is a “pleasure to have in class.  She is a dependable student who completes assignments consistently and is an active participant in class. She shows pride in her work and projects and is available to to help those around her when needed.

Gottapu states that her dream is to “become a Doctor and help people around the world. [She wants] to start charities and build clinics in rural areas so people there will have medical aid when needed. [Her] main goal is to make the world a better place.”

When asked how she felt about being named Student of the Month, Pranavi gave the following response: “It feels great, I really never expected it because there were so many other students who work just as hard. I am glad I got [Student of the Month] though, looking back, I actually deserved it. I guess hard work really does pay off.

Pranavi plays Tennis for the school team and play Badminton. She plays Soccer for fun. She also likes to be outside and with people, so if it involves that, she loves doing it.

Pranavi says that students should “be proud and do a good job [in school]. Even though you might not know it, you are setting an example for many students around the school.”

February has come to an end. Now we await March’s embrace

Picture taken by Jordan Graham

Model UN: A Support Group for Troubled Countries

Written By Jordan Graham

“Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.”

On February 9th through 11th, The High school Model United Nations (MUN) club went to the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens. Among the 12 students were three Ninth Graders, myself included. The other two ninth graders were Pranavi Gottapu and Kai Ward. Both decided to share their experiences at MUN.

The first question was what their first impression of Model UN was. Pranavi, always a hard working student and a great friend, decided to give me a detailed reply that reads as follows: “I started Model UN in 7th grade. It was very intimidating because most of the people knew what they were doing and I felt like I didn’t belong there. Later on, I started to get the hang of it, and now I really really like Model UN.”
Kai on the other had said that she, “thought we would be going and looking at the different countries and discussing with other people specific issues in our own respective country that we got.”

For anyone that doesn’t know, in the meeting that we went to, we discussed world problems and debated about them while we represented our own country and its views on the presented subject.
Regarding the other people Kai says that, “at first everyone was really intimidating because they were trying to get me to vote on what they wanted. When we got to know the other delegates I felt more welcome, though.” Pranavi takes a different view point and says that “everybody was very smart and had great vocabulary. They were very nice and they helped the other delegates to feel more welcome. Outside of working on MUN the people were very nice and we all became friends.”

After the second day the delegates, or members, were given the option to go to a ‘social’ and socialize. Both Kai and Pranavi said that this was the best part of the trip.
“[The social]was a time where everybody got together and danced outside of a professional setting,while in professional clothes. For an hour we just got to mingle and hang out with people and not thinking about debating. (Some guy lost his shirt and his mind,” says Kai.
Pranavi followed up by saying, “It was the time where everybody got together and danced and had fun. Everybody forgot about the competition and acted like themselves. We also got to know the people better.”

After all of the praise it just got you wouldn’t think there would be a downside to the trip, but there usually is.
For one Kai says that the, “timing of everything was way off and everything with in our group was handled badly.”
Regarding the weather Pranavi says that, “It was raining the entire time, our feet got wet, our shirts got wet, and everything was just overall wet.”

To Anyone wanting to join Model UN as a club or as a future career (I think you should) Kai and Pranavi each elaborated on their experience with Model UN.

Kai says that “over all, because it was [her] first time, [she] was really nervous because [she] didn’t want to talk but by the second day [she] had made some friends and felt pretty comfortable with what [she] was doing.”
Pranavi, always an overachiever, gives another detailed reply by saying “The experience was very interesting. Every competition is a new experience. I remember when I was in the 7th grade, the experience was different than how it is in high school. High school MUN and Middle School MUN are very different, but correspond in a way. The one good thing is that, the friends you make along the way are there at every competition and you are able to meet them instead of talking on the phone.”

Photo Taken by Jordan Graham

District Honor Band Through the Eyes of two Flutiful Ladies.

Written by Jordan Graham

On February 9th through 10th Lee County High school and Middle School students went to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College(ABAC) for the District Honor Band Clinic.

Two students that represented Ninth Grade are flutist, Ariana Ukaonu and Ashley James. The following is how District Honor Band was for the both of them.

When asked what her first impression of District was, Ashley said that she “thought it was great, because [her] friends who went there before said great things.” Ariana on the other hand said that she was “excited to perform with other great musicians.”

In order to qualify for District certain instruments must make a certain score. Ashley made a 79, while Ariana made an 88 and qualified to try out for Allstate.

District is for talented musicians across the state. That means that a lot of people of different varieties will be meeting in one place. The musicians were “cool and very talented, [although] some people were there to play around and not actually be serious” and “very outgoing and funny.”

The experience for the both of them was ‘great. The people there were good. It was kind of tiring to have nine hours of rehearsal, but I enjoyed most of it.” Ariana says that “overall [she] had a good time, but last year was better.”

A message from Ashley and Ariana for anyone wishing to go to District Honor Band.
Ashley says that “most people know how to play the Etude, but you should mostly focus on scales. Make sure to pay attention on the sit-reading.”
Ariana gives a simple answer by saying to just “know your scales and prepare well for the auditions like your director tells you to.”

Michael Smith takes home the gold!

Written by Donna DeReus

Last week Michael Smith participated in an agricultural pig show in Denver.

Award picture: Michael Smith takes home second place for a great performance in Denver!
Picture of Michael and pig: Michael and his spotted pig compete to win big!

When he competed he showed a pig referred to as a “Spot” which is a black and white mix breed. Smith says that while he was in the competition, it was tough, but in the end he tried his best. He said that the judges seemed to like his pig as soon as he walked out of the pen!

Smith makes sure to change up his routine for different judges so he can work on his technique. In this case he pulled off a routine that landed him in second place!

Smith says that his father and uncle give him lots of encouragement and always tell him to do his best. “They are like my coaches” Smith states when talking about them.

In the end Smith pulled off a wonderful presentation and he definitely represented Lee County with much pride with bringing home second!


Photo Submitted.

What do an Oboe, Clarinet, and a trumpet have in common? Janfest!

Written by Jordan Graham

On January 18th through January 21st the, 68th annual Janfest in Athens, Georgia was hosted at the University of Georgia.

According to the University of Georgia Franklin college of Arts and Science, “The University of Georgia January High School Band Festival (“JanFest”) is a four-day event for high school band musicians. Students are nominated for participation by their director by way of this website early in the academic year after receiving the MidFest announcement. UGA Bands staff selects students to participate based on the order of the director’s submission, the instrumentation need of the festival bands, and the reported musical achievements of each student.”

Continue reading What do an Oboe, Clarinet, and a trumpet have in common? Janfest!

Doodle For Google

Written by Samantha Burrows

    The Google Doodle is a contest where people design a new logo for Google and it will be presented on the home page. This contest includes people from around the country going from grades K-12, so all Lee County students are eligible to enter. A few students in Lee County have made an attempt at it, but there is no limit onto how many people do it or how many times one person enters, so more students  should express their artistic talents.

Arwyn Kovach’s Google Doodle entry.

      There is still lots of time! The contest has just recently began on January 8th and is going out until March 2nd. There are two questions, though, how does someone enter the contest and how will they know how to come up with an idea? Well, first off, the way any student will enter is by looking up “Google 4 Doodle”. There should be a web page showing a few different doodles that will answer all of your questions. In the right corner are a few different answers to multiple questions, and the word “enter”. If you click enter a form to fill out will show up, and there will be a link to attach your google doodle.

     Where does someone even start? How will they know what to draw? There is a prompt for it called “What inspires you?”. Anyone drawing will base their drawing off of something they’re passionate about, and there will be a form to fill out. In this form there are questions about your school district, why you chose to do the contest, and why what you drew is your passion. The judges for the contest are Ibtihaj Muhammad, an olympic gold medalist ,and Sydney Chaffee, voted teacher of the year.

       There are also multiple prizes involved in the winner of the contest as well. There are three different winners, national winners, national finalists, and state and territory winners. The state and territory winners get google hardware, a special celebration, their doodles presented in the Google Doodle gallery, and Fun Googley Swag. The national finalists receive a 5,000 dollar scholarship to college, their doodle in the Google Doodle gallery, a trip to Google Headquarters, Google Hardware, and Fun Googley Swag. Finally, the national winner will get Fun Googley Swag, Google Hardware, a trip to Google Headquarters, a 50,000 dollar technology package for their school,  30,000 dollar college scholarship, and a behind the scenes trip with the Google Doodle team to see them transform your doodle into where it will be on the front page. To conclude, there are multiple reasons everyone should enter the Google 4 Doodle contest, and there are many options on what you want to do.


Photo taken by Samantha B.

SOTM Spotlight: Rebekah Cooper

Written by Peyton Hart

Rebekah Cooper, was one of the Students of the Month for December. She earned this title for many reasons. Mrs. McLean says she makes an effort to better herself academically and personally: “Rebekah works hard and is prepared everyday in my class.” She goes on to say, “she is a self-motivated student who is driven to do her best.”

Rebekah Cooper

Cooper gives upcoming 9th graders some advice about how to be a successful 9th grader, “Time management is a very big thing. You hear it a lot, but it’s very important.” Which is true, and she applies that rule to her daily school life.

Mrs. McLean says that she is very proud of Cooper’s “work ethic in and outside of the classroom.”

Speaking of outside the classroom, Rebekah is a very successful softball player. “Well, I play school ball and travel ball”, she says. Usually, students can’t handle sports and school all at once, but Rebekah Cooper is responsible, time managing, and all around a great student and friend.

Photo taken by Peyton H.

SOTM Spotlight: Sam Hoover

Sam Hoover was nominated as Student of the Month for December for his good and positive behavior. The teacher that nominated him was Mrs. Melcher and she said, “Sam is a delightful young man who brightens up my day just by being here.  He is a hard worker and a deep thinker.  Sam also has a wonderfully snarky sense of humor that just makes me smile.  He is a good model for how a student should behave and is well-deserving of being student of the month.”

“Does mother know you wear’th her drapes”-Samuel Hoover 2018/Avengers

Hoover is on the LCHS Swim Team. When asked why he enjoys swimming he responded simply with, “I enjoy the water. I’ve always been near water.”

His advice to other students regarding  school Pride, he said, “just stay out of trouble. It can’t be that difficult.”

When asked how you can be positive and help others everyday, Hoover said, “you can make them feel better. In order to do that, you can make them laugh, and that’s how you make anyone feel better.”  He also said that “you can give advice to others and help them make good decisions in life.”

Hoover’s favorite class is Biology because he would like to a marine biologist one day.

Hoover also said he feels rather proud of what Mrs. Melcher said when she nominated him for Student of the Month.  “It feels good knowing that I brighten up someone’s day just being in the same area with them.”

Photo Taken By Samuel H.