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I like all animals that roam the earth. I'm thankful for my parents who've been with me since birth. I value my friends like works of art, and each thing I write or draw has a special place in my heart.


Written by Riley Alewine

Marlee Brown was recently recognized as student of the month by Mrs. Emerson because “she is a sweet, easy-going, and friendly student. Marlee is always kind and respectful to others and is a joy to have in class.”

Taken By Riley Alewine

Marlee’s classmates say that her sweet and funny personality is why she was chosen as student of the month . Some of their favorite things about Marlee are that “she has great boots and a great style” and she likes to give high fived.

Overall Marlee is a very easy-going, kind, student. She truly represents PRIDE everyday in the classroom.


Written By Samantha Burrows

“Haley is simply a joy to teach. She comes to class daily with a bright and cheery attitude and she is always ready to work. She is eager to participate in class and gives 110% daily.” These are the words Mrs. Edwards used to describe Haley Wells, our recent student of the month. When walking into school, Haley always seems to have a positive attitude and ready to work. She is always nice to others. That is, if they have to same attitude towards her. Continue reading SOTM SPOTLIGHT: Haley Wells