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STOM Spotlight: Jada Jones

Written by Maria Cerrone

Mrs. Lowry chose Jada Jones for Student of the Month. She felt that “Jada always puts forth her best effort in class and works very hard to excel academically.”

Jones loves to swim and read on her free time. She said that she has been having a great time at the 9th grade. She thinks that the best part about the 9th grade campus is that it is just 9th graders. She said it helps that you aren’t mixed in with the upper campus so that you get the chance to get used to high school.

During Jones’s interview she stated that she shows Trojan Pride in her everyday school day by helping people whenever they need it and getting her work done. Jones feels that her peers can do the right thing by choosing pride everyday. She expressed that students “should actually understand what it means rather than just knowing it is the school’s slogan”.

Jones said that her favorite class is Mrs. Lowry’s. When we asked her why she thought that she was chosen as Student of the Month she said that it is because she always pays attention and when she doesn’t understand something she communicates with her.

The next time you see Jones you should follow her school pride.

Picture taken by Maria Cerrone

SOTM Spotlight: Joan Barber

Written by Haley Wells.

Mrs. Dexter chose Joan Barber as her Student of the Month and stated that “It [was her] pleasure to nominate Joan Barber as student of the month. Joan is an excellent student who is hard-working and serious about her education. With confidence, she asks questions to get more understanding in class. Her work ethic and focus on doing well in school is an inspiration to her classmates. Joan is always willing to help her peers without being asked.  These attributes make Joan a wonderful example to all. Great job, Joan!”

Barber doesn’t join in on many school activities, but said she likes to go outside and play with her puppy.

When asked what advice she had for her classmates regarding Trojan Pride, she replied with “do your work and be nice to others.”

Barber said that Mrs. Dexter was her favorite teacher because Mrs.Dexter inspires her to learn this year and not to play around.

The Unsung Hero

Written by Willa Dyer

Most of you know the well-known name, “Coach Dean Fabrizio” in our small town of Lee County. He is the head coach of our Lee Co Varsity Football Team and has worked extremely hard to train these exceptionally talented guys this season, but who most of you don’t know is the Unsung Hero who does all the background work. Mary Katherine Fabrizio has been married to Coach Fabrizio for 13 years. She has been there from the start supporting him and raising their two children Eliza and Nicholas Fabrizio.

Mrs. Fabrizio says her most important job as a football coach’s wife is, “holding down the fort” for her husband while he’s at work. The Fabrizio’s don’t get to share a lot of family time but they do get “a free week off on 4th of July and it works pretty well because it coincides with [her] birthday.” One of the hardest things about being married to a coach is, “the time he has to spend away from his family.” Although it’s hard without Coach Fabrizio being there all the time, she does love being able to go to all the games to support her husband and his team.

Mary Katherine Fabrizio has a lot of important tasks she must do daily for her family. She has had to sacrifice a lot of things that she once loved to do for her husband and children. She also doesn’t get to spend as much time with her husband as she necessarily wants to. At the end of the day she gives up a lot to be the wife of a very talented football coach, but when it comes down to it, she wouldn’t trade what she’s been blessed with for the world.

SOTM Spotlight: Micheal Davis

Written by Zion Mcgee

Thumbs up to Michael Davis on becoming student of the month, at Lee County 9th Grade Campus.

Davis, along with his family and friends is honored to have this type of exposure and feels that he deserved it because of his ”hard work and focus.”

Mr. Whitman can also agree to that. He added that, “Michael is an outstanding student in the classroom.  He is always prepared and is respectful to all he encounters.  He has shown leadership and dependability throughout the time that I have known him.  It is because of these characteristics that I have nominated Michael.  He truly demonstrates the behaviors that we at Lee County High School 9th Grade Campus wish to express to others in our school and community.”

Even though Davis hunts, runs, and enjoys other hobbies, he still encourages his peers to put their academics first.

This behavior is what a true student of the month displays!

Photo Taken by Zion Mcgee

SOTM Spotlight: Jordan Davis

Written By Donna Dereus

Jordan Davis was recently chosen as Student of the Month by Mrs. King because “Jordan is always upbeat and goes out of his way to say positive things to others.”

Taken by Donna Dereus

When I asked him how he would describe himself, he responded with answer of how he shows great leadership in his community including his school and church.

I decided to expand more on this question but substituted the adjectives for colors. Davis says he would describe himself as red, white, and blue because he’s “very patriotic and loves america”.

Davis also told me that his mom, youth pastor, and Mr. Trivette help him be his better self on a daily basis. He especially likes Mr. Trivette because he helps him to be encouraged on a daily basis.

To tap into his more creative side I asked Davis to describe his dream reality. His reply wasn’t shocking when he said he would want American flags, mountains, and lots of food!

His final advice for his peers to help them maintain a Trojan pride attitude is to “work together and be positive”.

Davis definitely has what it takes to be student of the month and is truly a roll model we should all strive to act like.