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Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Written By Christina Wynn

March is Autism Awareness month. There are many different fundraisers going on that help buy technology for adults and children with autism. For example, Mrs. Hyslop is selling bracelets for the Hollyrod Foundation. The Hollyrod Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with autism and their families. For the past five years, Stella & Dot have donated over $390,000. The 390,000 dollars has funded 13 RJ’s places to provide technology for children with autism. Continue reading Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Teacher of the Month

Written by Christina Wynn

Congratulations to Mrs. Lane for being teacher of the month! Mrs. Lane teaches math. She has been teaching since 2005. Mrs. Lane enjoys both math and science. She spent two years as a chemistry major. If she was not a teacher, then she would be a pharmacist. Mrs.Lane’s goals as a teacher are to make her students enjoy learning math and to gain a few life skills while learning. Continue reading Teacher of the Month


Written by Christina Wynn

LGPE is large group preformance evaluation.The Lee County Marching Band went to Cairo on Thursday, March 9. The first piece the band performed was the warm up piece, “Torch of Liberty” March by Karl L. King. The were rated one, or superior, for the piece.

The second piece was “AMEN!” for concert band wrote by Frank Ticheli. The band was rated excellent, which is a two.

The last piece was “Chorale and Shaker Dance II” by John Zdechlik. The band was rated excellent, a two once again.

Then the band moved on to sight reading, where they were given a completely new sheet of music to play. The band scored a superior. The band’s overall rating was excellent, a two.

Teacher of the Month: Mrs.Sheila Smith

Written By Christina Wynn

Congrats to Mrs. Smith for being chosen as teacher of the month! Mrs. Smith didn’t choose to be a teacher.  Rather, teaching chose her. Mrs. Smith’s sisters, brother, and sister in law are all teachers. Not to mention, her mom drove a school bus for 38 YEARS! When Mrs. Smith was in college, she started majoring in pre-pharmacy, but working in a drug store was really boring to her. Well, in her second year of college she changed her major to Biology Education because it was everything but boring.

Mrs. Smith teaches Honors Biology and the Agriculture pathway Plant Science. This is Mrs. Smith’s twenty seventh and a half year of teaching. Her twentieth year teaching at Lee County. When asked what her favorite project was, she answered with she didn’t have one she tries to keep each year interesting and fun. She sneaks in a bit of fun in the process. This year she has learned from her students a lot of technology skills because she has limited ability and knowledge about it.
When Mrs. Smith was in high school her favorite class was Mechanical Drawing and Drafting. She thought about going to college for majoring in architecture or landscape but obviously didn’t. Mrs. Smith has been struck by lighting and held up in a bank robbery. She rides and owns a unicycle and has flown an airplane by herself. She has a twin sister and grew up with her on a tobacco farm. She also owns a farm and loves teaching school.

Dr.Seuss’ Greatest Work

Written by Christina Wynn

Theodor Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as Dr.Seuss, wrote many children’s books. Dr.Seuss was born on March 2 of 1904 and died on September 24, 1991. Dr.Seuss won many awards for his work, like the Pulitzer Prize in 1984. The most loved children’s book by Dr.Seuss is “The Cat in the Hat”. “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Lorax” were made into movies along with others that were made into short films. Dr.Seuss’ books helps kids with their imagination.

The books teach children lessons, for example the book, “ Horton Hears a Who” displays that no matter how different a person may be they are a person and should be treated like anyone else. “The Cat in the Hat” teaches children you can have fun with just using your imagination. “The Lorax” shows how destroying the environment affects humans and it’s not right.

All of the books wrote by Dr.Seuss teach some kind of lesson and have a moral point. Adults can even learn from Dr.Seuss. His books have meaning and display character. Not to mention are really fun to read aloud!

Why People Hate Valentine’s Day

Written By Christina Wynn

Valentine’s Day is pointless, no one needs a day to show their love to a significant other. A couple should be doing that everyday, because Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for couples, that’s it! It’s a day for high school couples to put on social media to brag about what they got, making their single friends jealous. It’s selfish! The couple can go on dates everyday and still make a “holiday” for themselves. Couples have anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmases to give each other presents and celebrate their love for each other.


Teenagers shouldn’t even bother with Valentine’s day because there is a very slim chance it would last a lifetime. Valentine’s Day is a holiday where people are forced to get the significant other a gift or they are considered a “jerk”.


Kids will have a party receiving candy and little cards. While in Middle and High School, you don’t receive anything unless you are in a relationship. This will make teenagers have a relationship until the day after Valentine’s Day just to say they received something.


The guys in a relationship are forced to go all out while they still may be recovering from Christmas. The guys are expected to buy chocolates and jewelry, while the girls aren’t really expected to do anything but receive the gifts. The guys are held to such a high standard which may push them out ot their relationships. It’s not fair to anyone!


Teacher of the Month

Mr. Seth Walker was chosen as teacher of the month. He teaches Construction and Freshmen Focus. He also sponsors the club Skills USA. In high school, Mr. Walker struggled with academic classes but really enjoyed the “vocational” hands on classes. Mr. Walker wanted to become a teacher to reach out to the students who struggle academically like himself. He hopes that his understanding of how those students must feel will help encourage him to never give up. Mr. Walker served in the United States Navy for four years straight after High School. This is Mr.Walker’s third year of teaching. He had worked in construction and other fields until he was forty years old. Another reason, he wanted to become a teacher is he felt as if he was missing the feeling of pride in his career which he had while serving in the Navy.


Mr. Walker’s one thing he has learned from teaching is to never judge a student by their past academic or discipline record. He tries to connect with each and every student and not prejudge them. Mr. Walker’s favorite project is when the students design and build their own projects. The excitement as the project comes to near completion makes everything worth it for him.


With being recognized as teacher of the month, Mr. Walker received a gift basket donated from Aspire. The gift basket contained a Target gift card, a gift card for the movie theater, and a coupon for a nail salon. Mr. Walker gave the nail salon coupon to his wife because the coupon is to her favorite place. Mr. Walker was very surprised and humbled to chosen by his fellow teachers for Teacher of the Month.
Mr. Walker will often catch himself whistling a happy tune when he arrives to school each day. Mr. Walker had been out in the “Real Working World” for over twenty years but never had looked forward to each day as he does now.

Teacher of the Month

Written By Christina Wynn

Congratulations to Mrs. Lane for being teacher of the month! Mrs. Lane teaches math. She has been teaching since 2005. Mrs. Lane enjoys both math and science. She spent two years as a chemistry major. If she was not a teacher, then she would be a pharmacist. Mrs.Lane’s goals as a teacher are to make her students enjoy learning math and to gain a few life skills while learning. She also wants to make all her students feel as if they are her favorite. Anne Sedgley expressed that her favorite part of class is getting to talk to Mrs. Lane. Noah Bain also commented that one of his favorite parts of Mrs. Lane’s class is he gets to sit and can just be with her. She lets him do what he likes to do. For example, he gets to talk to his friends. Anne said she enjoys Mrs. Lane’s funny but understanding personality. She expressed that Mrs. Lane is a teacher, but she acts like a friend.  Mrs. Lane wants her students to believe in themselves and to find their abilities to accomplish their desire. She wants her students to be inspired to become a better person.

According to Mrs. Lane, her  favorite Christmas tradition is grading papers. She is  just joking. Her favorite Christmas tradition is that  on Christmas Eve, her family gets new pajamas and eats cookies while drinking cocoa. Then on Christmas morning she eats breakfast and visits her extended family. Mrs. Lane’s daily motivation is the closet door in her room. The closet door has letter and pictures from her former students. In the middle of the college is one of her favorite quotes.

“They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel” ~Maya Angelo.

The quote reminds her to do her best to give motivation to her students to be great.

September Teacher of the Month

Written by Christina Wynn

Mr. Brian Roberson has been chosen as Teacher of the Month for September. Mrs. Pat Edwards commented that Mr. Roberson is very passionate about his job and not only is a full time teacher, but is a Future Business Leaders of America sponsor, coaches baseball players at Lee County Middle School West Campus, and is the Assistant Varsity Coach for the high school Fast-Pitch Softball Team.  When interviewing Mr. Roberson, he stated that he is currently on his twelfth year of teaching and he has been at the 9th grade campus for the last three years. Before he taught in Lee County, he was teaching for Glynn County. Continue reading September Teacher of the Month