Song Of The Sea

Written by Jordan Graham

From the deck on top of the boat the view is something you would only see once in a lifetime.

On April 5th through 9th the Lee County Band members went on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. The cost to go was around $700-$800 per student. Of the many students we have in the high school band only eight people went including chaperones. Of the thirty eight, there were about ten Freshmen. Two of the Freshmen Hailey Wells and Abigail Jenkins share their experience on the cruise, in Mexico, and their experience as a whole.

The first hurdle the members had to make was to get through Tampa security and actually board the ship. It took roughly an hour for all of the members to show their IDs and be allowed to board the ship. When everyone finally boarded the ship they had to a few hours to roam before going to a mandatory safety meeting. After that, it was fun for everyone. 

Haley Wells says that when she got on the boat made her “a little seasick, but all in all it was pretty fun and [she] liked how big the boat was.” Abigail Jenkins however says that “being in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water was very peaceful”

Hailey Wells.

The cruise ship had many activities to do while the passengers were on board such as Towel Folding, Rock Concerts, Karaoke, Swimming, Mini Golf, and so much more.

Abigail had an interesting response when asked what she thought of the on boat experience she said that, “[she] really liked the amount of options they had because they could cater to different interests. The staff [was] really nice and the food was good. The arcade was fun, although [she] didn’t win anything.”

Abigail Jenkins.

When asked the same question Hailey said that she “liked how they had a club just for 15-17 year olds. Yuri, the O² club director, was awesome. He let us play games on the big TV and every now and then he let us play capture the flag and do a scavenger hunt.”

After a few days at sea the Paradise docked into the port in Cozumel, Mexico. Wells said that “the port that we were in wasn’t like what everyone would think. It was a lot nicer and I loved going through all the shops and seeing what they had. It sucked that I couldn’t get Mexican maracas.” She also said that “Mexican Coke had its own unique taste.”

Naturally in Mexico the one thing to do is eat Mexican food. The food was amazing along with the service. Anyone wanting to go to Cozumel, should.

While in Cozumel the cruise members took the chance to look around at shops and buy for their family members or friends. One of the many activities to do was Snorkeling. Jenkins descried her snorkeling experience:  “The water was really clear when we went snorkeling. We saw a lot of fish as well.”

Sadly, the cruise was a total of vie days. On April 9th the members had to come back to Tampa, Florida and drive six to seven hours back to Albany, Georgia. All in All everyone had a fun time and will sure to be talking about it for weeks, or even years, to come.

Pictures Taken By Jordan Graham.


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