Njrotc Advancement Week

Written by: Samantha Burrows

  Njrotc is a class about patriotism for the country, and the main focus is the Navy and Marines. Lots of students who join this class join to prepare for joining the armed forces, although it is not a requirement to join if you’re in Rotc. Like the military, cadets rank up. This week is all about ranking up, and cadets do this through a course of tests including the Pft, Academic Test, and Uniform Inspections.

  The PFT stands for Physical Fitness Test. This test starts out with push ups. There are two minutes of pushups, and to get certain ribbons there is a required amount of pushups to do. If someone just wants to rank up then they are only required to participate. The next part of this test is sit ups. There is only two minutes of both of these tests, and the cadets are supposed to do as many sit ups or push ups as they can within that time. Then there is the mile run, which is four laps around the grass field next to the parking lot. All cadets can pass this part of the test as long as they participate.

  Next there is the academic test, which, obviously, tests academics. Depending on what the cadet is planning on ranking up to, the tests can be simple or hard. The first rank is a seaman recruit, moving up to a seaman apprentice. This test is simple, asking for basic drill movements and orders to the sentry. The next movement is from a Seaman Apprentice to a Seaman. This is a test that includes some more drill movements, orders to the sentry, and chain of command. The final rank was from a Seaman to a chief petty officer 3rd class, which included ranks in the marines and the navy. Finally, there was a uniform inspection. At our school, you’ll see students wearing uniforms, and for this advancement, people were being graded on their uniforms. To conclude, to rank up, cadets must pass all of these tests.


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