Lee Goes to LGPE

Written by Jordan Graham

Two days ago on March 14th, the Lee County Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble went to Cairo High school in Cairo, Georgia to be judged at LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation).

Mr. Hill takes a picture of the Symphonic band before leaving the Highschool.
Mr.Hill takes a picture of the Symphonic band on the way to Cairo.

Out of the two, the first to perform was the Symphonic Band. Before the performance the students were skeptical about what their scores would be. Boyd Loudermilk for instance “had a little bit of doubts” and thought that they would “get straight twos”.

Boyd Loudermilk
Boyd Loudermilk

The Symphonic Band played Newcastle March, Romanesque, and Escape From The Deep.

To many of the students surprise the scores were outstanding to what was expected. Out of the four judges they received three ones (superior) and one two (excellent). On the sight reading portion they received a Superior as well.  The students said that it “was easy sight reading music especially compared to last year”.

An interesting fact about the Symphonic Band is the number   of students that played a different instrument for the first time. For example, Ashley James and Ariana Ukaonu both learned to play percussion when Flute was their first instrument. Taylor Hyde, Madison Bradley, and Jacob Carlstrom all played French Horn as a second instrument as well. Many of the students that played in Wind Ensemble did double time in order to help out the Symphonic Band

The Second and last band from Lee County High school was the Wind Ensemble.      

The Wind Ensemble played Shadow Rituals, Elegy For A Young American, and Go Gallop.

Like the Symphonic band, many students doubted their ability to get a great score.

After the performance Taylor Hyde said she was “nervous I [due to] the anticipation of the results.” Once we got those results she said she “was not surprised because [she thought] we did our very best.”  

Out of four judges the Wind Ensemble got straight Superiors as well as a Superior for sight reading. Needless to say the students were shocked and proud of all that they had accomplished. This is sure to be a performance that will go with them throughout High school or College in the case of our seniors.


Photo Credits.

Featured Image

Band Bus: Mr. Hill

Boyd Loudermilk: Jordan Graham

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