SOTM Spotlight: Camden Misamore

Written By: Maria Cerrone

Yet another student of the month was chosen for March. Camden Misamore was chosen by Mrs. King. Mrs. King stated that Misamore “strives for excellence in both the classroom and on the tennis courts.  She is willing to help anyone in need.”

Misamore is involved in softball, tennis, and FFA for the school.

She stated during the interview that she has had a great year so far at Lee County 9th grade campus. Misamore also added that “it has gotten tough at times academically but other than that it has been very good” (Misamore).

We asked Misamore how it felt to be chosen as SOTM and she said great. She said she was not expecting this at all.

Misamore gave advice for her peers on how they can show school pride throughout there school day. She said for them to “do what they are supposed to do and they will be ok” (Misamore).

If you see Camden Misamore in the halls congratulate her showing such good Trojan pride.

Photo By: Maria Cerrone

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