Why Was Mr. Trivette Chosen as Teacher of The Month?

Written By: Riley Alewine

  Recently Mr. Trivette was chosen as teacher of the month for February.

  Mr. Trivette believes that he was chosen as teacher of the month because of the positive relationships that he has with his students.

  His favorite thing about being a teacher is that he is able to create “informed competent citizens and [build] relationships.”

  He says that one of his major weaknesses is that he doesn’t give every student enough attention.

  His strengths include “holding kids accountable, being compassionate, and being motivated to come to school everyday and make a positive difference.”

  Mr. Trivette wanted to become a teacher because he wanted to be able to make a positive difference in kids’ lives.

  Some of his hobbies include traveling and spending quality time with his family.

  He hopes that “learning in [his] classroom is student centered, positive, and even fun.”

  Mr. Trivette would like his students to know that him and his wife “have been to six continents and are planning on traveling to Antarctica at some point to conclude [their] goal of visiting all seven.”

  Overall Mr. Trivette is very deserving of teacher of the month.


Photo By: Riley Alewine

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