Happy Days Are Here Again !

Written By: Zion McGee

  It’s a wonderful day at Lee County 9th Grade Campus! Why? Because we’re celebrating Amiya Welch for being student of the month.

  News such as this, are surprises to most people, but for Amiya, she knew she was nominated for student of the month because of her “dedication to her schoolwork , and studying for her tests”.

  The biology teacher, Mr. Edwards, agrees and says,”Amiya is a student who constantly strives to do her best in Biology. She is a joy to teach and seems to always have a positive attitude even in the midst of other negative things that may be going on around her. Despite any challenges that she faces, Miya will always seek to complete all her assignments for all her classes”.

  With all her schoolwork studying, Amiya manages to enjoy herself with her favorite hobbies such as dancing, be active on social media, hanging out with friends, and “be a teenager”, and still she maintains good grades, and behavior.

  Amiya is not only a honors and well behaved student, but she is also a role model  and encourages all of her peers to “study hard, be attentive in class, and strive for the best “!

Photo By: Zion McGee

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