Get Set, Go!

Written By: Willa Dyer

  Runners take your mark, get set… GO GO GO! Coach Payne is not only an amazing teacher but an even better track coach. He has been training the Junior Varsity and Varsity track team like the proper and determined athletes they are. They have an upcoming track meet in Americus-Sumter on Thursday, March 8th after school. Coach Payne added in an extra JV meet so Lee County can come out and support all of the runners.

  The runners are very excited about the meet. Landria Rollins said, “We have been training really hard to do our absolute best at our meets.” The kids have been training everyday after school and continue to get better everyday. Khila Bradford said, “Even though it is hard work, we know it’ll pay off in the long run. We want to prove to these other schools that we are a team to watch out for.”

  The runners are hoping to run well at the meet this Thursday and hope to make a good name for Lee County at the Americus-Sumter meet.


Photo By: Willa Dyer

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