Freshman Tennis Star

Written By: Willa Dyer

  POW! That’s the sound of Jordan Davis hitting all the tennis balls being thrown at him at tryouts. He did an outstanding job at tennis tryouts and secured his place on Lee County’s Varsity Tennis Team. He said he felt, “very honored to be a part of the varsity tennis team and to receive the opportunity to play with the talented Varsity team.”

  He is not only an exceptionally talented tennis player but a very bright student as well. He continuously strives to do his best in school and he always has a positive attitude with everything he does. He loves his new coach and team. He has had a very successful first few tennis matches. He has played extremely well and has continued to grown as a player and a student athlete.

  Jordan has a very bright future ahead of him and has a lot of great things coming his way in the future. Jordan loves to play tennis and he is really passionate about making progress in his future in varsity tennis and school.


Photo By: Willa Dyer

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