Jacob Heading out to All State

Written by: Carlin Garey

  Jacob Carlstrom is the only 9th grader who made it too Allstate for band for two years in a row. To get to this event/occasion is, “you gotta get a score that is high enough to qualify for the second round (which is Allstate auditions). The score you gotta make will vary based on the instrument when you audition”(Carlstrom 9). Jacob tends to go on rants about things he enjoys (which is a good thing) therefore, his love for band is something that will never end. Every year (from basic knowledge) there tends to be a wide number of trumpets that audition every year, therefore, increasing the score you have to make too get to the next round.

  Of course, Jacob did not simply wake up one day and become the trumpet player he is, it took practicing, “every morning, every night, and every time I came home from school” (Carlstrom). To put this much effort and work into his skill, he was confident that he was going to get Allstate for the second time (which of course he did).

  Besides all the effort, practice and hard work to get where he is, in the end, “it was totally worth it” (Carlstrom). Why was it worth it you may be asking, well, “some of my favorite things about Allstate are some of the we play are fun, cool, etc., chilling with my dad, talking meeting other people who love the same thing I love: band. It’s like we are all one big family” (Carlstrom). As if this was not enough for him, then just doing band in general is all he could ever ask for.

Picture Taken by: Unknown

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