Freshman Kobe Bailey competes at state wrestling meet

Written By: Maria Cerrone

  The Lee County varsity wrestling team recently competed in sectionals and state.

    Kobe Bailey was one of the only freshmans able to compete. Tom Matheny commented that it is rare for a freshman to be able to compete in these two meets. “Normally they are too busy learning and competing for a back up position on the team.  However, this year we had an opening at 138 lbs and Kobe Bailey held that spot” (Matheny). Bailey placed 8th at sectionals and qualified for state.

    We asked Matheny to explain the process for state and sectionals. He explained that sectionals is the big meet right before state to see who will qualify for state. Regions 1, 2, 4, and 5 competed at Alexander High school while regions 3, 6, 7, and 8 competed at Lanier High School. Lee County went to Alexander High school. The top 8 teams from each competition move onto state. Bailey placed 8th at sectionals and qualified for state.

   Bailey explained during his interview about the surroundings during state. He explained that it is very tense. The wrestlers are basically by themselves. They don’t have a coach to supervise and tell them when they wrestle so they have to pay attention.

    Wrestling ended their season with top 10 at state. Kobe Bailey did not place at state but made a huge accomplishment by competing in state as a freshman.

Photo By: Maria Cerrone

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