Why Was Mrs. Hyslop Chosen As Teacher Of The Month

Written By: Riley Alewine

  Recently Mrs. Hyslop was chosen by her students as teacher of the month for January.

  Brandon Bush says that Mrs. H is deserving of Teacher of the month because she helps him out when he doesn’t understand things and she helps him be the best he can be to reach his fullest potential.

  Mrs. H believes that she was chosen as teacher of the month because her students know that she loves them and that she wants the best for them.

  She says her favorite thing about teaching is “seeing the light bulb come on for students when they finally make a connection to what [she is] teaching. [Her] mission is to make even the most reluctant readers and writers enjoy [her] class so that they can view reading and writing in a more positive light.”

  One of Mrs. Hyslop’s weaknesses as a teacher is how much she cares. She says that she can’t just let work be at work, she takes things from her day home with her too.

  Her biggest strengths as a teacher are the relationships she builds with students.


Photo taken by: Riley Alewine

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