SOTM Spotlight: Andrew Nelson

Written By: Donna DeReus

  Andrew Nelson was chosen as Student of the Month for January. Andrew is a very hardworking student. According to Coach Harris he is, “engaged everyday in class and participates in classroom discussion”.

  I interviewed Andrew to get to know him better and see his outstanding qualities just as Coach Harris did! After interviewing him I learned that Andrew is a creative person who loves to write his own stories. In his free time he likes to brainstorm about his complex plots and extraordinary characters! His main influences for his creativity and people that inspire him are Stanley Cooper and David Lynch. He says that they both give him joy in writing and give him confidence to make his ideas heard.

  Andrew is also a very calm person around his friends. He likes to keep quiet, which is probably more time to think up a great story! Andrew’s final advice for everyone is to “please be more respectful”. I think that that is great advice for everyone to take for a change in their school environment  and life in general.


Photo taken by: Donna DeReus


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