Lexi Cravens chosen as January’s SOTM

Written By: Maria Cerrone

  The new SOTM at Lee County 9th grade for January is Lexi Cravens. Cravens was chosen by Mr. Matheny. He felt that “she was smart and well-mannered. She can articulate her thoughts well and concisely.  She also has above-average writing ability.”

   Cravens enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching tv on her free time. She stated that she has been having a very good year at the 9th grade campus. Cravens favorite class is Law and Justice.

   We asked Cravens her reaction to being named one of January’s SOTM. She stated that she was very surprised and wasn’t prepared because she hasn’t received SOTM for a couple of years.

    Craven’s advice to her peers regarding trojan pride is to be mindful of your teachers. “People don’t remember that teachers are humans to” (Cravens).  

   The next time you see Cravens congratulate her. Remember to show trojan pride in your daily school day and you may get the chance to be a SOTM.

Photo taken by: Maria Cerrone

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