Georgia Tech, State Swim

Written By: Carlin Garey

  As far as swimmers go, Asher, Chandler, Ronnie are 3 seniors who made it to state before they set off to college. Sammy H., and Carlin G. (yours truly) are only freshmen who made it to state as well and hopefully will make state more in the future.

  It was a long journey to get to downtown Atlanta, or more specifically, Georgia Tech as in, where Michael Phelps swam in the recent Olympics and to where we also recently swam. Of course the bus ride was long, everyone still enjoyed the ride there and back. When we all got there, we all settled in and prepared for the long day that was set the day after.

  Of course, every athlete needs to get some ‘“carb load” before they do an activity that requires an immense amount of energy. Therefore, we all went to the friendly neighborhood, Cheesecake Factory. Lets just say, the outcome was everyone not ordering anything containing carbs whatsoever. Then, after we were all done consuming primarily sugars, we went back to the hotel to rest for the event.

  In the morning, everyone woke up on designated time, “except the girls, they took forever”(Sammy, 9). The girls consisted of the coaches, and our “manager” (Coach Haggerty) Anna Grace (her daughter). After eating breakfast (which yours truly ate his cheesecake), we headed out for the shuttle that went to the aquatics center.

  Swimmers already in there warm up suits, in time, hopped in the water for their casual warm up session. This warm up consisted of, “200 free, 100 dolphin, and 4 x 50 build” (Coach Haggerty). After finishing that up rather swiftly, the swimmers then waited on their event to occur while countless records were being broken in the meantime.

  Then, event 15, heat one, lane 3, came around and it was their time to swim. After countless prayers, stretching, and group huddling, they finally did what we all came to do. Exhausted and exasperated, they improved .5 seconds and placed 51 out of 58 and we all then packed up, went back to the hotel to retrieve our belongings, and left for home.     Therefore, the whole trip was a success for everyone and was very well earned.


Pictures taken by: Carlin Garey

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