“Aye Batta-Batta,…Swing Batta-Batta

By: Zion McGee

  Take me out to the ball game! It’s that time of year again. Baseball season is finally here! Get ready for Lee County’s Boys Baseball Team to show their Trojan Spirit on the field. We are lucky to have such talented boys on  the team. CJay Rountree for example, “He runs the best 60 for the 9th grade,” says Coach Trivette.

  Out of all 22 students that tried out, Cooper Ray stuck out to Coach Trivette because, “He is a great example of how hard work pays off”. Also, Trivette says Ray is the best pitcher that he has seen this year from AA and AAA.

  Alot is expected from both teams this season, but Coach Trivette has expectations of “playing selfless and preparing to compete for a varsity spot soon.” Speaking of both teams, AAA opens up on February 13 vs. Bainbridge. For the AA team, they open up on February 17 vs. Colquitt.

  Come out and support these Lee County Trojans!

Photo taken by: Zion McGee

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