What is STEM?

Written By: Samantha Burrows


  Recently Lee County’s STEM team has had a competition over the weekend, and has received an award. Something not many people know is, what is the STEM team? To start, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This is in the NJROTC program’s teams. On this team cadets study the way that drones and submarines are built , and during certain competitions, take apart and rebuild them. During other competitions, such as our most recent one, the team members fly their choice of drones through a variety of obstacles. This is what the team did during the last competition when BG Harris brought home an award for being in third place.

  To summarize how the competition went, there were only two cadets from our school system, BG Harris and the team commander. During this competition there were multiple different events including the Lucky 13 and the Naval Flight Officers Test. The Naval Flight Officers Test is an obstacle race where one STEM team competitor directs the other through the race, but the one flying is not able to look. This competition did not receive any award, but the “Lucky 13” did. This is a race where the competitors fly a drone through 13 different obstacles and go as fast as possible. BG Harris, a cadet from our campus, brought home an award for 3rd place, even though it was just his first meet. This was the only award, but for only two cadets the team still did really well.

  While, of course, the team did well and everyone is proud of our winner, what could the team have done better? According to BG, the team could have used a smaller drone. The bigger the drone, the faster it is, but some of the obstacles were too small for the drone. Secondly, the team could have more participation. Only two cadets are needed to compete, but if there were more, there’s a better chance of getting an award. To sum everything up, the STEM team did very well last weekend, but there are small things that could be done to bring home more trophies.


Photo taken by: Samantha Burrows

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