Lee County High School Tennis Tryouts

 Written By: Cooper Ray

  When this time of the year rolls around, tennis players have no choice but to be ecstatic. It’s time for them to showcase their talents in the great sport of tennis again, and many freshman have had the chance to tryout this year.

  I had the chance to speak to one freshman about her experience trying out for the tennis team. “It was really fun, but it involved a lot of running. But hey, it’s what I signed up for”, said Jordan Graham.

  There were also many more freshman to tryout, and they ranged anywhere from cheerleaders to straight up tennis players. There has not been a roster released yet, but when I spoke to Coach King she said “I should have one by this Friday, no promises though”.

  When I receive more information about a set roster, I will most definitely let you know. But for now, all I can do is wish the best of luck to anyone who tried out. Come back tomorrow for a finalized roster.


Photo taken by:

Getty Images /www.gettyimages.com/photos/tennis-ball?sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=tennis%20ball

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