Introducing Nurse Christi Reddick

 Written By: Maria Cerrone

  Lee County 9th grade campus just received a new school nurse. Her name is Christi Reddick.

     Reddick has worked in health care for 11 years. She attended Darton College. Reddick has subbed as a school nurse at smaller schools in the past. This is her first real full time nursing job. She expressed during her interview that she is very excited for this opportunity.

     Reddick is married with 2 kids of her own and one step son.

     She stated that she loves working at the 9th grade because “of the teachers, staff, and students.” She also added that “the students have made it easy to love.”

     Lee county 9th grade is very thankful for being able to have nurse Reddick. When you see her in the halls make sure to say hello and get to know her. She is such a great nurse and she benefits this campus so much.


Photo taken by: Maria Cerrone


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