What do an Oboe, Clarinet, and a trumpet have in common? Janfest!

Written by Jordan Graham

On January 18th through January 21st the, 68th annual Janfest in Athens, Georgia was hosted at the University of Georgia.

According to the University of Georgia Franklin college of Arts and Science, “The University of Georgia January High School Band Festival (“JanFest”) is a four-day event for high school band musicians. Students are nominated for participation by their director by way of this website early in the academic year after receiving the MidFest announcement. UGA Bands staff selects students to participate based on the order of the director’s submission, the instrumentation need of the festival bands, and the reported musical achievements of each student.”

Three students from the Ninth Grade Campus were chosen to participate as a part of one of the selected bands to perform at Janfest.

The students selected were; Gracie Moreland, Madeline McMickle, Jacob Carlstrom


Gracie Moreland, a Clarinet player, was selected by UGA Bands staff to play in the Bushman Band in chair 15 of about 30. When asked about the experience she sad that it “went by so fast.” Moreland said the best part of Janfest was, “hanging out with [her] besties.”


Madeline McMickle, an Oboe play, was also selected by the UGA Bands staff and played in the Mitchell band. Madeline was first chair Oboe out of five or six. She said the experience was “tiring, but worth it.” The best part for her was being able to perform in the University of Georgia.


Jacob Carlstrom, a trumpet player, was the last to be selected out of the three ninth graders that made Janfest. Carlstrom was chosen to be the sixth chair for the Trumpet section. He says that Janfest “went by fast.” He also said that “having fun and hanging out in the hotel” were the best parts of the trip.


Photos taken by Jordan G.

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