Regional Swim… State and all

Written by: Carlin Garey

This meet ended with guys in second place and girls with third place out of five teams. Due to the random snowfall, this meet sadly had to be shifted to January 18th instead of the 17th, as scheduled in recent times. Not only did the time of the meet shift, but the location of the meet.

This was held at Coffee, in Douglas for the weather and other limiting factors. Of course, there were only five teams at this meet, yet the competition was still high in demand. Therefore, the swim team needed to try their best to be the best.

Starting with the girls (ladies first), they obviously tried their best just like everyone else does during all this. One in particular, gained around 4 medals for many events that she has participated in at this meet.

Not only did this one person achieve what she wanted, but tried to inspire others to do the same. As stated by one of the female swimmers, “Although the competition was rigid, we still managed to hold on for the meet” (9, Reese). Of course, at any major competition, there is intense stress between all the other teams and swimmers. Therefore, the lady swimmers were prepared and ready for what they had to go against.

Moving on to the gents, trying their hardest as well, as they scored second place out of five teams. More than one guy in general got more than one medal in the end which really showed the other teams what Lee was made of. As stated before, for many lads dropped times in several events.

As stated by a swimmer who got state qualifications in a 200 relay, “I think this is the fastest I’ve ever swam in my life. I dropped my time by so much, I can’t even count” (9, Sammy). Not only was it state times that motivated a swimmer, but physical value as well. Stated by one who is inspired by physical motivation, “If I get first on anything, I get $50 from my mom”(9, Nic G).

In the end, he earned up to $100 for getting first in a 50 free and a 100 back. All in all, the guys were inspired for many reasons to get where they are and how they got to this point.

Finally, the ladies and gent swimmers did their best and will continue on just to get better and better as the season slowly comes to end. As for the state qualifiers, their season still continues on until they are unable to compete.

Photos Taken by Carlin G.

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