SOTM Spotlight: Simran Patel

Written by Willa Dyer

Simran Patel is a girl of many talents. She was one of our very special student of the months for December. Simran deserves to be recognized for her outstanding academic efforts in the month of December. Simran believes she got this award because, “[She] is a very hard-working and determined student. [She] always turns her work in on time and constantly strives to do her best everyday at school.” She is a very well-rounded student. Simran also manages to maintain a good academic standing, while playing travel soccer for UFA. She plans on trying out for JV school soccer this season at the high school.

Simran Patel

Simran Patel is an all around student and is not only admired by her peers and fellow classmates but she also stood out to her AP Human Geography teacher, Mr Trivette. Mr. Trivette says that, “Simran has dominated both civics and AP Human Geography.  She is soft spoken, but when she speaks, people listen. Simran is a joy to have in class.” As you can see she is well deserving of student of the month.

Simran Patel December’s “Student of the Month”! Simran receives a very prestigious award from her teacher Mr. Trivette. She has done extremely well in her classes this year.

Photo by: Willa Dyer


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