SOTM Spotlight: Sam Hoover

Sam Hoover was nominated as Student of the Month for December for his good and positive behavior. The teacher that nominated him was Mrs. Melcher and she said, “Sam is a delightful young man who brightens up my day just by being here.  He is a hard worker and a deep thinker.  Sam also has a wonderfully snarky sense of humor that just makes me smile.  He is a good model for how a student should behave and is well-deserving of being student of the month.”

“Does mother know you wear’th her drapes”-Samuel Hoover 2018/Avengers

Hoover is on the LCHS Swim Team. When asked why he enjoys swimming he responded simply with, “I enjoy the water. I’ve always been near water.”

His advice to other students regarding  school Pride, he said, “just stay out of trouble. It can’t be that difficult.”

When asked how you can be positive and help others everyday, Hoover said, “you can make them feel better. In order to do that, you can make them laugh, and that’s how you make anyone feel better.”  He also said that “you can give advice to others and help them make good decisions in life.”

Hoover’s favorite class is Biology because he would like to a marine biologist one day.

Hoover also said he feels rather proud of what Mrs. Melcher said when she nominated him for Student of the Month.  “It feels good knowing that I brighten up someone’s day just being in the same area with them.”

Photo Taken By Samuel H.

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