SOTM Spotlight: Jude Mullins

Written by Talli Styck


One of the students chosen to be a December student of the month was, Jude Mullins. One of Jude’s teachers, Ms. Burtt, said that “Jude is always willing to participate in class, and he works hard. He is creative, always smiling, and a joy to teach.”

A photo of Jude Mullins in the chorus building

 Jude is a hardworking student who is respectful to his teachers and his peers. He always tries to help others and show them kindness and respect. Jude is aware of the PRIDE he shows in the classroom setting, but is surprised that he was one of the students chosen for Student of the Month.

 Jude was asked why he thought he was chosen as one of the Students of the Month. He stated that he tries to show respect to everyone and do his best in the classroom.

  Jude enjoys doing many activities having to do with singing and acting. He’s always doing these activities by participating in chorus and in the Theatre Arts Guild.

 Jude understands that PRIDE is an important thing at our school and he tries to help others with school PRIDE.

Photo taken by Talli S.

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