Lee County Region Wrestling Tournament

Written by Willa Dyer

On January 6th, 2018, Lee County Varsity Wrestling Boys hosted the Region Championship at  Lee County Middle School East. Trojans took home a 2nd Place win after a very long, but exciting 5 hour dual match.

“Takedown Two!”, the ref. called this many times as our very own skilled wrestler Kobe Bailey (9th Grade) took down all of his opponents, helping his team out a lot at the region tournament.

According to Bailey, “We only lost one match against Valdosta (with a close score of only 35-30), out of three different teams we had to go up against. This was a pretty big accomplishment for the wrestlers to compete this well against all the teams, including Valdosta.”

Although Valdosta was a very challenging team to go up against, Lee still came out with a 2nd Place win.

Every last one of the wrestling boys have all been working exceptionally hard this wrestling season to compete well at regions. You can definitely say that their work this season has paid off. Their outstanding, job well-done at regions definitely showed how much work they have been putting in.


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