Doodle For Google

Written by Samantha Burrows

    The Google Doodle is a contest where people design a new logo for Google and it will be presented on the home page. This contest includes people from around the country going from grades K-12, so all Lee County students are eligible to enter. A few students in Lee County have made an attempt at it, but there is no limit onto how many people do it or how many times one person enters, so more students  should express their artistic talents.

Arwyn Kovach’s Google Doodle entry.

      There is still lots of time! The contest has just recently began on January 8th and is going out until March 2nd. There are two questions, though, how does someone enter the contest and how will they know how to come up with an idea? Well, first off, the way any student will enter is by looking up “Google 4 Doodle”. There should be a web page showing a few different doodles that will answer all of your questions. In the right corner are a few different answers to multiple questions, and the word “enter”. If you click enter a form to fill out will show up, and there will be a link to attach your google doodle.

     Where does someone even start? How will they know what to draw? There is a prompt for it called “What inspires you?”. Anyone drawing will base their drawing off of something they’re passionate about, and there will be a form to fill out. In this form there are questions about your school district, why you chose to do the contest, and why what you drew is your passion. The judges for the contest are Ibtihaj Muhammad, an olympic gold medalist ,and Sydney Chaffee, voted teacher of the year.

       There are also multiple prizes involved in the winner of the contest as well. There are three different winners, national winners, national finalists, and state and territory winners. The state and territory winners get google hardware, a special celebration, their doodles presented in the Google Doodle gallery, and Fun Googley Swag. The national finalists receive a 5,000 dollar scholarship to college, their doodle in the Google Doodle gallery, a trip to Google Headquarters, Google Hardware, and Fun Googley Swag. Finally, the national winner will get Fun Googley Swag, Google Hardware, a trip to Google Headquarters, a 50,000 dollar technology package for their school,  30,000 dollar college scholarship, and a behind the scenes trip with the Google Doodle team to see them transform your doodle into where it will be on the front page. To conclude, there are multiple reasons everyone should enter the Google 4 Doodle contest, and there are many options on what you want to do.


Photo taken by Samantha B.

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