SOTM Spotlight: Rebekah Cooper

Written by Peyton Hart

Rebekah Cooper, was one of the Students of the Month for December. She earned this title for many reasons. Mrs. McLean says she makes an effort to better herself academically and personally: “Rebekah works hard and is prepared everyday in my class.” She goes on to say, “she is a self-motivated student who is driven to do her best.”

Rebekah Cooper

Cooper gives upcoming 9th graders some advice about how to be a successful 9th grader, “Time management is a very big thing. You hear it a lot, but it’s very important.” Which is true, and she applies that rule to her daily school life.

Mrs. McLean says that she is very proud of Cooper’s “work ethic in and outside of the classroom.”

Speaking of outside the classroom, Rebekah is a very successful softball player. “Well, I play school ball and travel ball”, she says. Usually, students can’t handle sports and school all at once, but Rebekah Cooper is responsible, time managing, and all around a great student and friend.

Photo taken by Peyton H.

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