SOTM Spotlight: Owen Mabee

Written by Riley Alewine

Owen Mabee was recently recognized as student of the month by some of his fellow classmates because “He’s always working hard to complete his work, making sure that he gets everything he needs to succeed. He’s always willing to help out when I or someone else needs help.”

Not only does this A/B student strive for excellence in the classroom, he strives for excellence in the pool. Owen hopes that someday he could make it to the Olympics. Mabee is also a great representative of PRIDE for LCHS 9.

He says that he believes that he was chosen as student of the month because he is a “hard worker and he never messes with anyone.” He represents pride by always telling the truth, respecting others, and he always applies himself during class. Mabee believes that having good work ethic takes “being persistent of keeping up with your work and studying hard”

One of Owen’s teachers, Mrs. Lane, says that Owen is deserving of student of the month because “he is very well-mannered, he’s a hard worker, he turn all of his work in on time, he has a positive attitude, and he’s always smiling and happy to be learning.”

Owen is the epitome of Trojan PRIDE.

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