SOTM Spotlight: Raven Bone

Written by Maria Cerrone

Raven Bone was recently selected as one of December’s students of the month. Bone was chosen from a poll where students were able to voice their opinions and show who should get SOTM. Many made comments that “she is a great friend and she is really nice to everyone. She works hard in school and she cares for others.”

  Bone is involved in the Lee County High School Danceline team. She stated during the interview that this made the beginning of her year a little stressful but she was able to cope with it and get through. She shows Trojan pride throughout her school day by doing what she is supposed to and getting to class on time. Bone advices her peers to “follow Trojan Pride and they will be okay.”    

   Bone was very shocked when she heard her peers chose her to be December’s student of the month. She stated that she didn’t see this coming. When you see Bone in the halls you should congratulate her and follow her actions. She is such a good role model and someone who anyone could go to for help.

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