Another Win from Coach Harris’s Basketball Boys

Written by Peyton Hart

Lee County Basketball Boys with another win! We are so proud of our basketball boys this season. There have been some downfalls, but the boys seem to dust it off and come back even better!

In the recent game, January 10, the score started out as 22 for Dooly County and 19 for Lee, but we came back with a winning score of 49-63. Coach Harris tells us that “Brandon Bush scored 19 of the 63 points” in the last game. Great job Brandon Bush!


Coach Harris is close with all of the students on his team and he encourages them to have a “high character” on and off of the court. “Regardless of who is watching, being respectful and self-disciplined would be my most important teaching lesson”, he says.

All of these boys have had major improvement, but Coach Harris gives a big shout out to Jay Bell for improving the most. “His game has grown a ton and he deserves credit for buying into what we have asked from him.”

The Lee County Basketball Team deserves a big shout out for not only winning, but improving on everything they do. Great job boys!


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