The Unsung Hero

Written by Willa Dyer

Most of you know the well-known name, “Coach Dean Fabrizio” in our small town of Lee County. He is the head coach of our Lee Co Varsity Football Team and has worked extremely hard to train these exceptionally talented guys this season, but who most of you don’t know is the Unsung Hero who does all the background work. Mary Katherine Fabrizio has been married to Coach Fabrizio for 13 years. She has been there from the start supporting him and raising their two children Eliza and Nicholas Fabrizio.

Mrs. Fabrizio says her most important job as a football coach’s wife is, “holding down the fort” for her husband while he’s at work. The Fabrizio’s don’t get to share a lot of family time but they do get “a free week off on 4th of July and it works pretty well because it coincides with [her] birthday.” One of the hardest things about being married to a coach is, “the time he has to spend away from his family.” Although it’s hard without Coach Fabrizio being there all the time, she does love being able to go to all the games to support her husband and his team.

Mary Katherine Fabrizio has a lot of important tasks she must do daily for her family. She has had to sacrifice a lot of things that she once loved to do for her husband and children. She also doesn’t get to spend as much time with her husband as she necessarily wants to. At the end of the day she gives up a lot to be the wife of a very talented football coach, but when it comes down to it, she wouldn’t trade what she’s been blessed with for the world.

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