SOTM Spotlight: Natalie Embry

Written by Arwyn Kovach

Natalie Embry was presented with Student of the Month by Ms. Anderson for being a hard-working student. Embry is preparing herself for class everyday working hard doing the assignments asked of her, along with diligent note taking. She has been noted to be one of the more attentive students in class.   Ms. Anderson only had kind things to say about Embry, “Natalie is a focused student who makes sure she prepares herself to be successful by working hard every day.  Natalie’s success in the classroom is not by accident as she is a diligent note taker and one of the more attentive students.  I look forward to watching Natalie grow as a student, a leader and a young lady.”

Embry said she loves Ms. Anderson’s class and looks forward to it everyday.

I asked what all can she offer to the school or believe can make it better, she replied with “a good attitude towards learning, an exciting perspective.” Embry is a great role model for others to follow; the school needs more Natalie Embrys.

Embry is always ready and prepared for school she is a little bit more social outside of school, playing basketball with friends and watching movies with them also. She’s a bright, happy person.

Embry hasn’t always gone to Lee County, but she really likes the school here. Not just–Leesburg, but the people here. She said it makes it easy to be a great student.


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