SOTM Spotlight: Jordan Davis

Written By Donna Dereus

Jordan Davis was recently chosen as Student of the Month by Mrs. King because “Jordan is always upbeat and goes out of his way to say positive things to others.”

Taken by Donna Dereus

When I asked him how he would describe himself, he responded with answer of how he shows great leadership in his community including his school and church.

I decided to expand more on this question but substituted the adjectives for colors. Davis says he would describe himself as red, white, and blue because he’s “very patriotic and loves america”.

Davis also told me that his mom, youth pastor, and Mr. Trivette help him be his better self on a daily basis. He especially likes Mr. Trivette because he helps him to be encouraged on a daily basis.

To tap into his more creative side I asked Davis to describe his dream reality. His reply wasn’t shocking when he said he would want American flags, mountains, and lots of food!

His final advice for his peers to help them maintain a Trojan pride attitude is to “work together and be positive”.

Davis definitely has what it takes to be student of the month and is truly a roll model we should all strive to act like.

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